Thursday, 28 September 2017

#Dailypost: Huawei's brand new Nova 2i only at RM1,299 [Its OFFICIAL]

HUAWEI's first smart phone with quad-cameras, smart ambient front flashlight and Full View display

Attended Huawei's recent launch of their first ever smartphone with quad-cameras, smart ambient front flashlight and Full View display! Individuals craving for high-performance photography experience in their daily life, HUAWEI Nova 2i has now set a new standard in 'selfie' perfection and smart phone photography.

"HUAWEI is driven by the desire to connect with consumers on all levels - their preferences, lifestyles and emotions. This is what guides us in formulating our strategy as HUAWEI becomes a renowned technology brand all over the world. The HUAWEI nove 2i represents the hallmark of HUAWEI's quality and innovation, delivering on design, performance and camera, by studying consumers' needs and wants. Quad-cameras, smart ambient front flashlight and FullView display are a few examples amongst the new breakthroughs," said Matthew Ng, Deputy Country Director, HUAWEI Consumer Business Group (Malaysia)

The launch of the Nova 2i inked a collaboration with tenacious singer and actress, Hannah Delisha, where she performed a brand-new Nova series themed song. "I am ecstatic to be the ambassador of the Nova series, representing a product that is dynamic, cool and savvy. It fits perfectly with my fast-paced lifetyle. The twin cameras on the front and back of the Nova 2i enables me to capture stunning images and videos effortlessly, making the sharing my stories a breeze. The bezel-less display provides the perfect visual experience, giving me full visual enjoyment on-the-go - Hannah Delisha

What's even greater is that, to meet users' demands of reflecting their own style and personality, the HUAWEI nova 2i is available in Graphite Black, Prestige Gold and Aurora Blue and retails at RM1,299 nationwide!  

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Friday, 22 September 2017

#Dailypost: Fashion for love - Charity Gala Dinner 2017 press conference @ Powerplant, Pearl shopping galery

Today I was fortunate to be invited to witness this charitable event at Powerplant @ Pearl Shopping Galery organised by The Giving Bank, Creight Event & Services together with the Ministry of Women, family and Community Development.

This is a community educational fund raising initiative under the theme "Fashion for Love" with the slogan "Supporting children to school". The mission is to raise funds from the public community to serve and cater to 300 multi racial children in need to provide them with an equal rights, hope and chance to experience and pursue their dreams.

Mr Simon Goh ( Founder of Creight events) - 2nd from left and the team have started building the team and is already started raising educational funds and preparing towards the main highlight that will be held on the 8th of October 2017 at HGH Convention Centre. Be sure to look forward to Dato' Diraja Adrian Chong as he will be the presenter during the dinner as he is doing this good cause for his late parents.

Solicitation of this campaign will be used and given to the 12 schools that's being chosen and these children will be able to use these funds to pay for their respective fees and to purchase other necessities which includes books, stationaries, school uniforms, school bags and shoes.  

The Giving Bank, also known as is an online charity fundraining platform in Malaysia. A NGO and a Non Profit Organisation with a mission to connect both the charity and the public through the power of technology. The Giving Bank's online fundraising platform enables the public to pledge their support or contributions through the Giving Bank website with just a click of a mouse. Dr Janson Ang (2nd from right in above picture) mentioned that "We try to make 'Giving' affordable and simple". Each campaign is carefully picked and selected through stringent due diligence before announcing it to the public via the website. The funds raised are channeled to the selected charitable campaigns and the public can access the website to gain information about the campaigns which enerally fall into 3 main categories: Health, Education and Humanity culture. 

Ms Ivlyn Tan (Director of Creight Event) also added that the "Fashion for Love" team has also arrange an agreement with Octoprenuer College to offer and provide 100 scholarships to those SPM leavers whom could not afford to further their study to study Diploma in Business. This is a non-bias offering and it will be shared across all races, ethnicity and genders nationwide.

Bon Zainal giving his thoughts about his concept

During the press conference, there were also a few orphanage homes who attended the event. Funds raised will also be given to these orphanage homes to help with them with their monthly bills and usage.

A picture with Ivlyn Tan and organising team

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The Giving Bank
Dr. Janson Ang
Founder of the Giving Bank
Tel: +6012-3315757

Creight Events
Mr. Simon Goh
Tel: +6016-5552555

Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development Malaysia (KPWKM)
General line: +603 - 83231000

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

#Travelpost: My very first diving experience @ Tioman Island, Malaysia

This has been one of the most adventures weekend getaway for me and guess what, I've overcome my fear that I had for the past 25 years in me! HAHA! 

Do read on for my VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE of my diving adventure!

My interest for diving began 1 year ago when I started treating Keith & KJ during my internship as a Chiropractic Intern. Initially, I was rather hesitated to learn diving as I wouldn't classify myself to be someone who knows how to swim and now I want to dive! I must be out of my mind! However, after hearing those amazing stories from both Keith & KJ (which they are my instructors today! YAY!) about their experience at the under water world, I began to overcome my fear and finally decided to take up the "Open Water Diver License".

Soon after, I began my lesson with DIVERTAINMENT @ Lake view, Subang Jaya. What i like about it here is that, they provide unlimited classes for all their students until they are ready before making the trip to the sea as each and everyone of us progresses at different rates.

Here's a picture of us just before we begin with our lesson for the day
(Yeap! That's KJ right in the center!)

It took me a week of classes at Divertainment before I go out for a 3 days 2 nights to Redang for my Open Water License. To be licensed as an open water diver, I am required to do 4 dives during this trip and there will be some skills to be completed during each dives. Nevertheless, dives throughout was still fun!

 Getting ready for the day

An artificial treadmill reef located at Renggis Island - one of the dive spots at Tioman Island

Getting a picture with the turtle

Puffer fish that's been following us throughout our dive!

Last but not least, it was an exceptionally great experience that I certainly did not regret and I would definitely encourage any of you to go learn diving if it's also part of your bucket list! Many thanks to those who have supported and encourage to do this (You know who you are =P).

Cheers to more diving in the future! I'm already looking forward to my next dive!

So stay tuned! :)

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Address: Jalan SS 12/1, Ss 12, 47500 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Monday, 18 September 2017

#Foodpost: Indomie Indobowl @ Sungai Besi

I'm sure many of you have came across the craze of the opening of this new cafe/eatery at Sungai Besi- Indobowl. It went all viral with thousands of shares and likes on their facebook page! I've got the chance to try their indomie over the weekend. Few of my friends who have tried, gave me a few recommendation on what to have there! Check out how my experience there below :) 

A collage of the food that I managed to try during my visit

Indomie Mumbo Jumbo

This Mumbo Jumbo is a great sharing platter for up to 3 to 4 pax! Perfect size for friends and family gathering. It consist of 4 different types of meats, generous amount of indo-mie and topped with 4 fried eggs. Not forgetting their in-famous red and green sambal on the sides which give the platter the extra kick to it! As a indo-mie and chilly lover myself, I definitely enjoyed myself to this platter! 

Nasi Pecel Lele

This dish reminds me of the "Malay style ikan bakar with Sambal". The fish is very fresh accompanied by the red chilly that's perfect! For those fish lovers, this might the one for you :)

Nasi Goreng Seafood

Nasi Iga

This Nasi Iga consist of braised beef short ribs served with their special red sambal 

Nasi Ayam Madura

This seems to be one of their more popular choice here.  Served with fresh cooked rice, sliced tomato and cucumbers and some raw cabbage and a deliciously huge piece of protein that's barbecue to perfect golden brown. This would be very worthy to eat priced at RM12 per portion. 


Beef Satay - 5 sticks

This is one of their more popular sides that's available on their menu that we managed to try :) 

Here's their menu,

For more information,

72, Lake Fields, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, 
Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, 

Opening hours: 11am - 2pm & 5pm to 10pm daily

Thursday, 14 September 2017

#Travel: [Day 6] Laos march 2017 - Pak Ou Cave of Luang Prabang - Best Sunset at Mekong River @ Luang Prabang, Laos


It's our 6th day here at Luang Prabang and it's gonna be a days filled with activites! We started off the day with giving offering to monks early in the morning at 6am. Again, if you would like to give some offerings when you're here, you can also do so by some of them from the locals here.

After giving offerings, we went back to our hotel for our breakfast and head out straight to Pak Ou Cave visit. We bought our tickets here at this location in the picture below.

Here's the boat taxis getting ready for boarding

Wine/Whisky village where it's one of the stop on the way to Pak Ou cave. You can find locally made wines and whisky here. We bought a bottle of White Sticky rice Whisky. Havent got the chance to taste it yet thought :)

Finally we arrive after approximately 30 minutes boat ride

Pak Ou cave is one of the most respected holy sites in Lao. Pak Ou cave have a history dating back thousands of years. This caves is packed with over 4000 Buddha icons, a shrine to the river spirit, and Lord Buddha,  are set in a dramatic limestone cliff at the point where Nam Ou joints the Mekong River. At this place, there are 2 different caves to visit namely Tham thing ( the lower one) and Tham Theung ( the higher one). 

Remember to bring a torch light when you visit! It's really really dark inside.

One of the most respected holy sites in Lao; Pak Ou Caves have a history dating back thousands of years. Packed with over 4,000 Buddha icons, the caves, a shrine to the river spirit and Lord Buddha, are set in a dramatic limestone cliff at the point where the Mekong joins the Nam Ou River. There are two caves to visit, the lower cave called Tham Ting and the upper cave Tham Theung, both boasting miniature Buddhist figures that are mostly made from wood. Read more at: Read more at:

Read more at:
One of the most respected holy sites in Lao; Pak Ou Caves have a history dating back thousands of years. Packed with over 4,000 Buddha icons, the caves, a shrine to the river spirit and Lord Buddha, are set in a dramatic limestone cliff at the point where the Mekong joins the Nam Ou River. There are two caves to visit, the lower cave called Tham Ting and the upper cave Tham Theung, both boasting miniature Buddhist figures that are mostly made from wood. Read more at: Read more at:

Read more at:

Later in the afternoon, we are back to Luang Prabang town and we decided to have lunch here at this Tamarind Tree Restaurant Mekong

This is a great place if you're looking to try out some local dishes with it's price being very reasonable. What's even better is that, you're dining by the famous Mekong River :)

Here's our lunch!

This local delicacy is one of my favorite during lunch best eaten with sticky rice.

After lunch, we did some walk around at the town visiting some temples around

On a side note, after some research and looking around, we realised that this money exchange has one of the best rate here at Luang Prabang! (HAHA!) So, those of you who's looking for currency exchange, this would be it.

Local ice creams which surprisingly delicious!

Here's one of the MUST VISIT place here at Luang Prabang which is the Phu Si Mountain which is located in the center of Luang Prabang town. It is said and recommended by many that here has arguably one of the best sunset in South East Asia! There are a small entrance fee of 20,000 Kip that you'll need to pay and also bring a long a pair of shoe for easier climb up the mountain. There are steps made for the climb so worry not, it would not be a difficult one to get to the top to enjoy the view :)

Remember to be here early to get yourself a great spot to enjoy the sun set :)

Sunset by Mekong River

It's time for dinner and we accidentally stumbled upon this romantic looking restaurant which makes up curious of what they serve and the price of course. It turns out to be a BBQ Steamboat restaurant! We decided to try it after looking through the menu :)

Here are some sides that goes together with your BBQ meats

Meats here are fresh and it's cooked with charcoal which makes it more fragrant (Garing in Malaysian terms =P)

My verdict, this place worth the try! It has a very similar concept to Barbeque Plaza back home in Malaysia. However, great place to chill with your friends and family with affordable price! This can be one of the secret gems of Luang Prabang. 

This marks the end of my Luang Prabang, Laos trip this time round! Looking forward to my next trip! Stay tune for my next trip :)  Do drop me an email at "" and I will give you more information to the best that I can :)

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