Sunday 23 August 2015

FOOD: Marc's Grill @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong Jaya

Recently, I got an invitation to the newly opened Marc's Grill @ IOI Boulevard located in the heart of Puchong ( opposite IOI mall). This eatery is definitely a must to visit when you crave for some satisfying and wholesome meal. 

Marc's Grill is an initiative from one of my good friend's (Shaun) mom (Mdm Tay) & her business partner (Marc). Together, they started off this eatery aiming to serve patrons with home-cooked grilled items and some local asian delicacies.

Mdm Tay and Marc a food lover themselves, they were also very particular about the price and quality of their food served here. They ensure that all the food served here at Marc's Grill has 
No preservatives & MSG. In fact, they uses a lot of herbs and spices to marinate and gives the dish it's taste. Not to mention on the portion served here is rather BIG!

 A simple modern way of setting I would say for a grill with bright surroundings, comfortable and spacious feel to it. 

Some decorations around the place

During this review, we were very fortunate to be able to try some of Marc's Grill specialty & signature.

Let me start off with the few of my personal favourites!In other words, it is a MUST TRY!!!

 Ribeye Beef Steak


For a serious beef lover, this should be the piece of ribeye you've been searching for! 210 gram of juicy and tender meat cooked to "medium well" seasoned with salt and pepper. Served on a hot sizzling plate together with a side of grilled or mashed potatoes, corn & salad of the day. This dish is complemented with a choice of 2 sauces, brown or black pepper. 

Honey Mustard Chicken

Being my second favourite among the night, this tasty and special recipe can only be found in Marc's grill. Marinated long hours with honey and mustard, grilled to perfection! Wonder how did they maintain the moisture in the tender chicken thigh after the grill.

 Ayam Goreng Berempah Set
(Comes with jasmine tea + fruits of the day)

Served with generous portion of fragrant rice, sunny side up, salad and prawn crackers. This is totally a lunch set worth for money!

Weekday lunch Special set

Being the local favourite too, this set is only available during weekday lunch time. This plate of goodness, requires patience marinating the chicken overnight with fresh herbs such as lemon grass (serai), galangal, ginger and almost every spice you can find to bring out the best chicken rempah you can find in town!  

Mutton Curry

Next would be the Marc's Grill very own special Mutton curry! Mdm Tay mentioned that, this has got to be one of their best seller among all the dishes. You can opt to request for spaghetti, 2 slices of rye bread or a plate of rice to go with this spicy yet tasty dish. 

 Savoury waffle with bacon and walnut

Another dish that stood out among the rest was this savory waffle. An unique combination of waffle topped with sunny side up, salad, walnut, & bacon and drizzled with hollandaise sauce. A change to your usual waffle

 Chef's special grilled lamb

A similar dish to Honey Mustard chicken above, served with a lamb chops, grilled or mashed potatoes, corn and salad of the day! 

 Tasty Beefy Beef

Looking for a post workout meal? This should be it! Served with 180gram of homemade beef patty, topped with a generous portion of shimeji mushroom which makes it appetizing between 2 healthy charcoal buns. Definitely fill your stomach and addition protein required of your body after your workout!

 Bistro Walnut Bacon Salad

If you're feeling not-that-hungry and would like to have a healthier dinner, this would be it! The Bistro Walnut bacon salad. Served with fresh lollo rosa, yellow mango, apple, and cherry tomatoes served together with cranberry for the added sweetness, walnut for the crunchy bite with a light sprinkle of zesty dried orange peel and drizzled with some sesame dressing.

 Mushroom soup

 Pumpkin soup

Strawberry smoothies

Apple and carrot mixed juice
RM 7.50

A picture of my foodie friends and myself!

FattyJason's Ratings:  

FOOD: 8/10 

If you're looking for good food with an affordable price, do drop by at Marc's grill @ IOI Boulevard especially during lunch hour on weekdays! Set lunch prices are crazily worth your money with the portion that is served here and it also comes with jasmine tea and fruits of the day!

Marc's Grill
Lot G, 32 IOI Boulevard
Jalan Kenari 7, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47100 Puchong,

Opening Hours: 8.00 AM - 10.00 PM
Phone: 013 330 0386
Facebook: Marc's Grill

Tuesday 18 August 2015

LiVE: MIGF (Malaysia International Gourmet Festival Media Launch 2015 @ Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur on

MIGF Media Launch 2015


The most awaited event of the year is BACK! The Malaysia International Gourmet Festival 2015 had a successful launch on the 14th of August at Berjaya Times Square, Kuala Lumpur. 

The launch began with an exploratory spaceship travelling from Planet Earth to a land far, far away: Planet Epicure. After a safe landing, none other than Dato’ Steve Day, MIGF Organising Chairman, himself emerged from the spaceship-cum-stage unscathed. Surrounded by potentially hostile alien lifeforms, he waved a white Taste MIGF flag and declared, “We’re here in peace.”

Then emerged his peace troopers, or this year’s Festival Master Chefs, who were ready and armed to take Planet Epicure by storm. All 25 chefs took to the stage as a stylish video compilation played overhead, introducing each and every one of them to applause and cheers from the audience.

Here's among this year's Festival Master Chefs

“Every year, MIGF is powered by the sheer camaraderie, fun and fellowship of these amazing and talented chefs,” said Dato’ Steve, who also thanked festival partners and committee members in his welcome address. Dato Steve and the Master Chefs were joined on stage by Festival Sponsors including Fifty Six Degrees Managing Director, Kristine Goh and Assistant Director, Tourism Services Division for the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Danendran Sugumar for a quick photo session.

Then the Master Chefs took to their respective stations for the customary tour of Festival dishes. VIPs and Guest of Honour, Tunku Dara Tunku Tan Sri Naquiah Tuanku Ja'afarsurveyed the fare on display with salivating delight, while the chefs happily chatted with them and answered questions for the media.

On the floor, members of the public excitedly took photos with space creatures and galactic showgirls while onlookers from four floors up couldn’t help but peer down onto the commotion at the concourse. The excitement was palpable, especially for two first time festival partners.

“I’m always up for a new experience!” said Kristine Goh, FiftySix Degrees Managing Director. “Malaysian culture is communal and by bringing together different talented chefs and enthusiastic foodies together, MIGF pays tribute to this cornerstone of our culture.”
“MIGF acts as the best platform for premier restaurants and their staff to showcase their calibre,” said Rowena Ngumbang, UOA Hospitality Sdn Bhd Marketing & Communication Manager. “I’m most looking forward to Taste MIGF!”

This year, the two-day food tasting extravaganza that serves as a prelude to the festival will be held for the first time at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur on the 5th and 6th of September. It is open to the public and all you need to participate are Gourmet Dollars – the official currency at Taste MIGF – to go on a Super Gourmet Safari and taste sampling portions of the most exquisite cooking Malaysia’s finest have to offer.

Taste MIGF will allow tourists and locals alike to sample food from all the festival restaurants as they gather together under one roof in a specially designed Theatre of Cuisines. This year, the two-day food tasting extravaganza that serves as a prelude to the festival will be held for the first time at Berjaya Times Square Hotel Kuala Lumpur from 11am to 10pm on Saturday the 5th and Sunday 6th September 2015. It is open to the public and all you need to participate are Gourmet Dollars – the official currency at Taste MIGF – to go on a Super Gourmet Safari and taste sampling portions of the most exquisite cooking Malaysia’s finest have to offer. Additionally, the general public will also be able to get a preview of things to come at Taste MIGF which will take place at Berjaya Times Square.

But that’s not all. At Taste MIGF, you can also expect to experience cooking classes from the Festival Master Chefs, wine appreciation courses and Epicure Lifestyle Workshops on a variety of topics. Meanwhile, the Epicure Gourmet Village offers a showcase of premium products and gourmet delicacies, from artisan chocolates to state-of-the-art kitchen machines. So what are you waiting for! Join us in this year’s food odyssey and start purchasing your Gourmet Dollars at

Get your Gourmet Dollars first

To go on your Super Gourmet Safari, you will need Gourmet Dollars that have been created for the convenience of the visitor. Gourmet Dollars help minimise queues and delays as people then wouldn’t have to wait for their change.

Gourmet Dollars will be available on the day of the event itself but can also be purchased online at a 5% discount. Visitors can visit to purchase.

Last but not lease, a sneak peek of some of the prepared dishes that can make you go hungry while stimulating your salivary glands!

 Last but not least, a picture with Dato' Steve Day, MIGF Organising Chairman

PC: Thanks Clarissha for this pic! Do check out her coverage of the event here at " Memoirs of C "

Best of luck to all the Galactic Chefs and will be looking forward to the coming event soon!  

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