Tuesday 28 June 2016

Food: Milk Cow - LIMITED EDITION Gold leaf & Milky Cool Series

Recently, I've got the chance to try Milkcow's LIMITED EDITION All New Gold Leaf Series ice cream - a popular trend in the ice cream world today especially in Japan. Initially, I was wondering how does the Gold Leaf taste like and does it compliments with the ice cream? 

Seats for patrons at MilkCow

Presenting to you the LIMITED EDITION Gold Leaf Series Ice Cream (Dang! Look at the gold leaf topped the ice cream!!).  It comes in 3 different types of toppings as below picture.

If you're wondering, the gold leaf doesn't have any metallic taste. So, fred not and enjoy your cone of Gold Leaf Ice Cream! To compliment the ice cream, I've also managed to try their Milky Cool Series.

Thai Green Tea and Mango Pudding

To those green tea and mango lovers, this might just be the drink you've always been looking for! The green tea is just nice and not too sweet complimented by the sweet and sourish mango pudding at the bottom.

Thai Milk Tea & Green Tea pudding

Strawberry Milk & Bubble Gum pudding

Chocolate milk & Honey milk pudding

This is my favourites among the series of Milky Cool. This has a very "Chocolaty" taste to it with a tinge of sweet honey from the pudding. It taste more like a chocolate drink to me rather than a milk despite the contents. 

Honey Milk and Yam Pudding

The Milky Cool Series

Andddd.......... Of course their famous soft serve ice cream with honey comb! How can we leave without having a taste on this!

Last but not least, here's their latest menu for you!

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