Saturday, 28 May 2016

Food: Ramadan Buffet at SWEZ BRASSERIE Eastin Hotel, Section 16 Petaling Jaya

It's the Holy Month of the year again! 

Come head on to Swez Brasserie, Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur with a spectacular themed "Bazaar Ramadan" for some of the most "Authentic Durian feast" - Why do I say this? Read on! You can be sure to find something that will definitely tempt your palate!

The Muslims honour Ramadan as a month of patient endurance through fasting and gratitude through prayers. It is a month to strengthen and reinforce faith, compassion and forgiveness and an increased religious observance and self-reflection.

The ambience there at Swez Brasserie

As a Malaysian myself, I look forward to the annual Ramadan Season too! Besides fasting, buka puasa is a session where the muslims break fast after fasting and commonly they visit the Bazaar Ramadan which means a street food market where there will be plenty of food stalls that offers a variety of food selection to break their fast after fasting from sunrise to sunset.

A night with the press and bloggers at the Bazaar Ramadan Food Review

Get in touch with a spectacular Ramadan Buffet spread at Eastin Hotel Kuala Lumpur as they are delighted to bring you mouth-watering dishes along with appetizers section and also other stations and stalls made available - Tandoori Station, Noodle station, Grilling, Soup, 'Goreng" and more.......!!!


Malay traditional style salad

Choices of Kerabu

Self-made Rojak station


Grilling station

Multiple choices of grilled fish

"Kari Kepala Ikan" Station

Briyani Kambing

I particularly like this dish! The fragrance of the spices cooked within the rice compliments the taste and tenderness of the lamb very well! Served with a handful of raisins to topped it off for a tinge of sweet & sour. Be sure to give this a try when you drop by!

Lemang alongside with Serunding Daging/Ayam

Fried Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Sugar Cane Chicken

Gulai Kepala jenahak

Gulai nangka Tulang Rusuk Kambing


A special note to those durian lovers out there, Eastin Hotel will also be serving fresh Durians fruits along with mouth-watering desserts made from the King of fruits. Enjoy various choices of durian delicacies from cakes to cream puffs that will add a sweet ending to your tastebuds too. Fruits stalls are also present with local fruits such as Mangoesteen, Rambutan, Longan, Ciku, Langsat and more!

Dessert corner! 

Durian Cheesecake

Did not get the opportunity to try this. I am guessing this is really good as it is all cleared up by the time I get to my dessert.

Baked Durian Puff Tarts

The taste and texture of this puffs are just beyond words! One of the best durian puff I've ever tried! However, it would be better if the crust were still hot and crispy. 

Pastry Chef Loh Cheng Long posing with his "Master-piece" Durian looking cake.

"Durian stall"

Various types of fruits

Early Bird Vouchers are available for sale now until 1st 

June 2016 for only RM69nett per person. The Ramadan Early Bird 

Vouchers is valid from 7th to 12th June 2016.

  • 7th to 12th June 2016 & 27th June to 3rd July 2016 - RM95 nett per adult and RM 58 nett per child 

  • 13th to 17th June 2016 & 20th to 24th June 2016 RM138nett per adult and RM69nett per child.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Don’t miss out on our Early Bird Voucher offer and start calling us today to book your vouchers right away. Reservations are also open now for Ramadan buka puasa from 7th June to 3rd July 2016. Call Swez Brasserie at 03- 7665 1111 ext 183 to make your reservations.

For more information,


13 Jalan 16/11
Pusat Dagangan Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 - 7665 1111 

Monday, 2 May 2016

Event: McDonald's Blogger Appreciation Night @ McDonald Mutiara Damansara

McDonald has always been my All-Time Favourite fast food chain here in Malaysia! This blogger appreciation night organised by McDonald had brought out the child in me as it was like a dream came true for me =P

McDonald’s is one of the most iconic brands in the world with over 36,000 locations serving approximately 69MILLION customers in over 100 countries each day. In Malaysia, McDonald’s opened its door in 1982 and instantly became a local favourite. With over 30 years presence in Malaysia, McDonald’s continuously strive to introduce new concepts to captivate Malaysians via its restaurants nationwide.

The MC of the night, Azura Zainal

Managing Director or McDonald Malaysia, Encik Azmir Jaafar giving his speech and some insight details of the brand. We were amazed by how each and every burger is prepared to provide the highest quality. 

Mini sampling sized burgers were served for the night too! 

McDonald's has changed the standards of fast food all over the world, making it more affordable with value meals for lunch and dinner. Now everyone can afford to have McDonald's at any time of the day, whenever the craving strikes.

#Yang Klasik
One of the earliest burgers to be introduced, Malaysia’s best selling burger McChicken is known as the classic because it represents the brand. The famous burger is best known for its chicken patty, shredded lettuce, toasted bun and mayonnaise.

#Yang Hangat
McDonald’s has another popular burger that is known as the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe which is a fan favorite. Everyone’s favourite fiery chicken burger is made out of 100% chicken breast meat, shredded lettuce and toasted bun that is deliciously mouthwatering and irresistible.

#Yang Gempak 
Remember the Grilled Chicken Burger? Which is also known as (GCB)? Well fans of the famous seasonal burger will be excited to know that McDonald’s Grilled Chicken Burger has been made permanent on the menu for a while now because of its popularity. For someone who prefers a more unique burger from McDonald’s, the GCB would be it because it is made of whole tender chicken that is grilled to perfection, paired with char-grilled sauce and lettuce sandwiched in between two golden, warm and freshly toasted sesame seeds buns.

" #Yang Hangat pastilah kegemaran saya! ", the Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe is my personal favourite among them. It has always been and always be the burger to go for whenever I am in McDonald :) Loving the tender chicken breast deep fried to perfection, lettuce, mayonnaise and the extra "kicks" - spicyness of it!

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