Wednesday 7 January 2015

Travel: Sekinchan trip with my family

It's the end of the year again and the holiday seasons are here! It's also the time where we start looking for places to go for our holiday during this festive season. Finally, we decided to make a trip down to Sekinchan (102KM up north of Kuala Lumpur, and 28KM from Kuala Selangor). [A little introduction about this place] Being one of the major rice producing areas of Malaysia, it is located in the middle of the main rice-bowl area of selangor, in the Sabak Bernam district. In chinese, the term "Sekinchan" brings about the meaning of "village suitable for plantation'.

We started our journey in the morning at approximately 9.30am from Puchong. Using the LATAR expressway to Kuala Selangor, exit at 'Ijok', go to Kuala Selangor, then to 'Sekinchan'. It took us almost 2 hours of driving. We reach there at almost 11.30am and here we are! 

Here we are at Redang beach @ Sekinchan (Redang beach)

We headed straight to this restaurant for brunch! " Cha Po Tion" or it is more widely known as "Ah Kiau" where locals used to call it.

 Restaurant Cha Po Tion 
 Sorry that i couldnt get a clear picture of the board. Trees growing well :)

Simple setting of the place

Next up! Foods that we ordered there! 

Sour-spicy soup vermicelli 
This is highly recommended! *A MUST EAT!* The freshness of the fish slices could be tasted, bouncy fishballs, some tomatoes, chopped spring onions and some salty vegetables "ham-choy" to topped it off! Not forgetting the sour-spicy soup which compliments the dish so well! *thumbs-up*

 Seafood Porridge
Generous amount of fish slices in it and chopped spring onions. Their portion here is rather large I would say. * Bare in mind this is a portion for 2 person*

 Freshly steamed clams aka " Xiong Tong La-La"
Their La-La here is so fresh and large! It is not overly-cooked as each La-La is so chewy that you could feel it "dancing" in your mouth. 

 Fresh steamed prawns
Freshly steamed prawns with chopped spring onions, tomatoes and eggs

Chilli Small Prawns
Prawns that are stirred fried with their very own specialty chilli paste 

The bill came up to approximately RM90++ for a total of 6 of us (Averagely RM15++ per person). It was really worth it for the freshness of the seafood and the amount that we get. It is highly advisable to go early to beat the crowd to avoid long waiting hours for your food! :) 

After having our satisfying brunch, we headed straight to the paddy museum located approximately 10 minutes drive away from where we had our brunch. The trip to the paddy museum was very informative as we got to know more about the paddy process. 

Here are some pictures for you :) 

A close shot of the paddy 

After a good 1 hour spend at the museum, we went to the beach side. Pantai Redang ( Redang beach) is a place worth your visit especially if you are tired of taking pictures of paddy fields. 

 The sunset (soon!)

You could also bring along your kite there to fly! It's so windy there! ( Yeap! My parents enjoying themselves while my sister blow the bubbles from the side)

There are also snacks around the beach for you to munch on while you are there! 

 Crispy prawn cracker (MUST TRY!)
These prawn crackers are freshly made before your eyes upon order. 

 Fruit Rojak

Refreshing Ice Kacang

Last but not least, there is a temple with a wishing tree beside it near the beach. It is believed that, your wish will really come true when you write your wish and hang it on this particular tree! 

 The temple and the wishing tree

The wishing tree

Cha Po Tion
Jalan Besar Bagan, Bagan Sekinchan, 45400 Sekinchan, Selangor.
Tel : +6016 6761769

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