Thursday 30 July 2015

LiVE: REFRESHED . RESTYLED . REBRANDED of The Merchant Bar @ The Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

The Merchant Bar 
The Armada Hotel,
Petaling Jaya

Armada Hotel presents to you the All- New refreshed, restyled and rebranded of THE MERCHANT BAR! Before it undergone this major make over, it was known as 'Merchant Pub' which some of you might know it. 

Now, restyled and rebranded to The Merchant, the bar offers a
swanky comfort akin to a hybrid of cosmopolitan New York bar and an updated London gentlemen's
club. Exuding elegance and style, The Merchant is well designed with a stunning long illuminated
copper and wood bar that immediately commands full attention.

The Balcony 

Different spaces are created catering to the various guests' preferences. One such addition is 'The
Balcony' an outdoor seating space with curious views overlooking the busy Federal Highway and
the PJ skyline.

 The balcony 2

 The Balcony 3

The Merchant serves up an enormous range of whiskies in addition to a full range of other liquors
such as beer, brandy, gin, vodka and wine. The bar also offers an extensive menu of main courses
and light bites to delight palates of all kind.

 The Bar Seating

 The ladies room

The Merchant indoor & Balcony 

Seating Area 1 

 Seating Area 2

 Seating Area 3

 Seating Area 4

Seating Area 5

Another feature of the bar is the illuminated long and high Onyx Table and barstools perfect to cater
to large groups, communal tastings or wine dinner events. Different types of high seating
arrangements can also be found at the “Beer Barrel” and “Chess” tables.

For those with a more sophisticated preference, a Cigar Lounge, where retro glamour meets
contemporary style is chic yet relaxed. Enjoy the company of friends over a nightcap and fine cigar
while listening to the soft sounds of smooth jazz and seductive lounge music.

A dedicated games area with bricked walls offers up a more rustic atmosphere. Here, guests can
enjoy a game of pool or score a bullseye on the Electronic Darts Machines.

The Merchant makes for a perfect pre-dinner venue, a meeting place for after work drinks or work off the excess partying at the adjoining The Merchant Live, and end with an indulgent nightcap back at The Merchant.

The Merchant Live is The Armada Hotel's brand new entertainment venue
which aims to up the ante on live entertainment. The All-New Merchant Live has 3 private suite (Red, Gold, Silver respectively) which cater for 30 pax! Here guests can revel in plush and roomy comfort, and sing their heart out while entertaining in style and privacy.

Here's some sneak peek for you of the place,

 Red Suite

 Silver Suite

 Gold Suite

Those taking time out for their vocal cords, a Phoenix Darts

Machine lay await in each suite with the biggest suite even having it’s very own British Pool Table. Afterall, a little healthy competition may be fun too! 

The Stage

Early evenings on every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday at The Merchant Live will see retro classics and one hit wonders from the 80’s and
90’s pumping out all night long. The live band then takes over performing a diverse mélange of the
hottest music mixing and blending, contrasting and highlighting the different genres of music weaving a web of music that entrances the crowd to groove along.

There will be different bands performing on the respective three different days. For more information, please contact The Merchant on the performing bands of respective days.

Group Picture of us!
(Credits to Clarrisha Hong for this lovely picture!)
Do check her blog out here on this event coverage too!

The Merchant
The Armada Petaling Jaya
Level 1, Lot 6, Lorong Utara C, Section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan Malaysia

Tel : +603 7954 688 ext 4629 / 4554
Email :

Open daily : 1600 – 0100 (Monday – Sunday)
No cover charge

Wednesday 29 July 2015

FOOD: Ri-Yakitori @ St Giles The Gardens- Grand Hotel & Residences, Kuala Lumpur

Japanese food has always been my all-time favourite food! I'd eat Japanese food for breakfast, lunch and dinner if i could! Recently, my foodie friends and I were invited for a review session to this hidden gem located on the 7th floor of  St Giles The Gardens- Grand Hotel & Residences, RI-Yakitori

Ri-Yakitori is definitely not a foreign name for a Japanese cuisine, it brings the meaning of "skewered chicken" traditionally, now it refers to "skewered food" in general.  

 A projector screen for you to watch your favourite football match here while sipping through your glass of beer by the bar!

  A romantic view to enhance your dining experience here at Ri-Yakitori 

Ri-Yakitori has always lived up to it's name each time a new guest is introduced to it. Now, it's even better!! Headed by the recent appointed Chef Isao Hasegawa as the new Chef de Cuisine.

Chef Isao Hasegawa Profile:

Chef Isao is a Japan national. His years of apprenticing and learning took him 35 years of experience from Japan to France and now, Malaysia. He has previously experience with prestigious hotels such as Hayama Hotel Otowa No Mori, Kannonzaki Keikyu Hotel in Japan and also in France specializing in French food. 
Currently, Chef Isao expanded his horizons right here in Malaysia. His culinary skills have been sharpened during many years of experience will definitely enhance your dining experience at Ri-Yakitori Bar. Chef Isao has always been passionate in his profession in culinary trade. He only speaks in Japanese, nevertheless this is never a barrier for him to serve, create unique and delicious food for any patrons whom dine.
Specializing in Japanese Appetizer, Meat Dishes and Dessert


We were served with items from their New Menu on that night, so prepare your eyes to feast on the dishes below! Started off with some appetizers,

 Cabbage salad
Complimentary Dish

Shredded cabbage served with a sesame or wasabi sauce

A very savoury dish which makes you craves for more after your first bite!

 Garlic Mussels served with Baguette

Tasty and chewy mussels cooked to perfection topped with chopped garlic and sauce. The garlic sauce compliments the mussels so well without it overpowering the natural taste of the mussels. Best eaten together with Baguette!

 Yakitori Moriawase - Assorted grilled chicken 

Consist of  'Mune' (chicken breast), 'Momo' (chicken thigh), 'Teba' (chicken wings), 'kawa'(chicken skin) & 'Tsukuna' (chicken meatball)

My personal favourite was the juicy and tender 'Momo' ( chicken thigh). The chicken was marinated and cooked to just right not being too salty nor being too dry from overcooking. I even wanted a second helping but unfortunately they were out of stock that night.

 Wagyu Beef Skewer 


Tender and juicy chunk of Wagyu Beef is just so heavenly! I personally like eating this plate of goodness without any sauce. Trust me, this is definitely the highlight of the night! 

 Gyutan - Beef tongue 

It's my first time trying this dish. I would say, it's rather chewy and tender compared to other parts, marinated and grilled to perfection. 

 Tempura Moriawase 
Assorted Tempura ( 10 pieces)

Consist of prawn, eggplant, carrot, aspara, pumpkin, maitake and zuchini

I usually like my tempura to be eaten just like that without dipping into the shoyu sauce that comes with it. However, here at Ri-Yakitori, the shoyu have just the perfect combination that makes my tempura taste even better with it! Try it! You'll know what i'm talking about

 Shake Ochazuke - Salmon Rice Soup

Perhaps the simplest, most homey Japanese food, Ochazuke is basically tea poured over rice. Traditionally, ochazuke comes at the end of an elaborate meal, maybe as a way to bring you back down to earth, but its often eaten by itself for lunch or a quick meal.

 Niniku Chahan - Garlic fried rice

 Mochi with green tea ice cream

This has got to be one of the best green tea ice cream found in town! The sweetness of the ice cream is just perfect accompanied by a slight bitter after taste from the original green tea flavour. Topped with kiwi fruit, strawberries, grapes and mochi.

My foodie friends and I were also fortunate enough to be able to taste a few other dishes besides those in the new menu, however, please note that the following dishes are only available
Upon special request!


Hand-rolled omelette

Agedashi Tofu

A very light and melt-in-the-mouth tempura batter coated tofu. A perfect dish for tofu lovers! 

Kamo Nabe
Duck Steamboat with Japanese Soba

Japanese soba

Fattyjason's Rating: 

FOOD: 9/10 
Highly satisfied! Ri-Yakitori has got what it takes to serve you the premium class of yakitori! Spacious and comfortable settings just the right place to relax after a long hectic day! Able to accommodate large amount of people for gatherings and functions too! Overall, it is a very pleasent visit to Ri-Yakitori and will definitely be back soon! 

Last but not least, thank you Ri-Yakitori & The Gardens Hotel & Residences - St Giles Grand Hotel for having us!

For more information:

Ri-Yakitori Bar

St Giles The Gardens- Grand Hotel & Residences
Level 7, Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-2268 1188 ext. 6323
website: St.Giles Hotels

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