Tuesday 24 November 2015

FOOD: Gossip Times @ Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya

 If you have been to Cameron Highlands, you would most likely to be familiar with Gossip Corner as they are very well known for their Burger Challenge! Just 3 months ago, they have decided to expand their eatery nearer to the city center located at Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya. 

 The Entrance

A spacious and comfy place for patrons to dine-in. Very suitable place for friends and family gatherings!

Gossip times serve some of the local favourite dishes of rice, noodles, western and even steamboat! This is just the right place for family to dine-in especially when each have very different cravings at the same time! Truly a hidden gem serving good food with affordable prices!

 Special Curry Chicken Rice

 Served with fragrant rice, fried egg, papadum, sliced cucumbers and tomato and a bowl of soup of the day. Taste of the curry chicken was just perfect to my taste buds with the addition of lemongrass which brings out an extra after-taste to it. Here at Gossip time, they uses fresh milk instead of coconut milk which explains why it does not have the "Santan" taste like any other curry chicken.

 Gossip prawn Wantan Mee Dry

Another specialty of theirs, this bowl of Wantan mee is personally made by the Chef's Master (with over 40 years of experience) which explains why the noodle here has a very bouncy and firm texture to it! A very addictive bowl of noodle! Try it for yourself! However, I personally thinks that it's a tad bit too salty to my likings but then again, this vary depending on individuals.

 Gossip Prawn Wantan Mee Soup
RM8.90 (Small)
RM9.90 (Big)

Served in flavourful pork bone broth, homemade springy wantan noodles and generous sizes of Wantans! I especially love the size of the wantans served here at Gossip Times! Also. it is also hard to get the good original Wantan mee these days in Malaysia which the wantan content has a mixture of "Left mouth fish" in it. With the addition of this fish, it really does distinguish it as a perfect bowl of Wantan Mee!

Curry Chicken Soup Wantan Mee

Prefer something out of the norm? Try this bowl of wantan mee out!

Spicy noodle King

For those chilli lovers out there just like me, this should be the bowl you've been looking for! It is rather similar to the "chilli pan mee" that we have but the pan mee is replaced with wantan mee instead. However, please do eat with caution as it is really quite spicy! The spicy sauce here is made up of 7 different chillies! You can imagine how spicy it is! 

 Special Satay sauce Chicken Chop rice

Chicken chop was fried before topping with special satay sauce. I personally did not really favour this dish too much as I personally thinks that the satay sauce did not really compliments the chicken chop too well. It's somehow taste quite similar to the "satay celup" in Melaka.

 Mushroom Chicken Rice

The Burger Challenge 

Remember earlier that I mentioned about the burger challenge that they have it in Cameron Highland? They also have it here at Gossip Time, Taman Paramount.

 Gossip Pork Burger King

Are you up for the challenge? If you are, 5 minutes 21 seconds is the time to beat currently! Be the record breaker and you'll earn yourself a free meal!

Challengers of the Burger King!!!

Last but not least, they have affordable lunch sets cater especially to those office nearby!

Wait for my next post about their steamboat served at Gossip time!

For more information, 

Gossip Time 
No. 5, Jalan 20/14 
Paramount Garden
Petaling Jaya

Phone: 03-7872 9030
Facebook: Gossip TIme

Saturday 14 November 2015

FOOD: Christmas Review @ Utara Coffee House, Armada Hotel

Celebrating Christmas & New Year's at The Armada Petaling Jaya!

It is the time of the year again to celebrate the wonderful seasons of festivities with friends, family, and colleagues over a sumptuous meal in a beautifully decorated venue specially prepared by Executive Chef Chiew (Picture below) and his team at

  Utara Coffee House @ Armada Petaling Jaya Hotel

Executive Chef Chiew possing with his "Master-piece"

Patrons will be Utara Coffee House's festive offerings which will definitely build an appetite and satisfy any festive cravings. 

Feast on an abundance of Christmas delights during Christmas and on New Year's at this lavish buffet of traditional and innovative festive dishes. 

Comfortable sitting space for patrons to have your satisfying meal during this festive season!

With an extensive range of deliciously prepared buffet line-up for you, here's some pictures that'll tingle your taste buds!

 Salmon Coulibiac

Whole Lamb leg with Garlic sauce 

Tiger prawn ceviche with Avocado

Roast duck Ripieni with Calvados

Baked Capon with Bread almond Roulade

Brown sauce

Cranberry sauce

Platter of roast duck Ripieni with Calvados

Calvados Apple Sauce

Noodle station

The prawn mee was surprisingly very tasty! Do make yourself a bowl when you drop by and judge for yourself!

Satay Station

California Maki with Condiments

Fresh prawns


A meal is never complete without ending it with desserts!

Fruits corner! 

Lemon Meringue Pie

Assorted mini cakes

Adding to the occasion with an element of charm and tradition are classic christmas songs which can be heard throughout dinner, no doubt delighting patrons with your favourite Christmas carols while dining! The evening is made even livelier with a live music performance during the following times:

Music Performance

24th - 31st December 2015 : 1st session @ 7.00PM - 7.45PM
                                                 2nd Session @ 8.15PM - 9.00PM

25th December 2015 : 1st session @ 12.30PM - 1.15PM
                                    2nd session @ 1.45PM - 2.30PM

Pricing for buffet line is as follow:

Christmas & New Year's Eve Buffet Dinner (24th December & 31st December 2015)

- RM80.00+ per adult
- RM60.00+ per Senior Citizen
- RM40.00+ per Child

*Inclusive of party packs & live music performance*

Christmas & New Year's Day Hi-Tea Buffet

- RM70.00+ Per adult
- RM50.00+ Per Senior Citizen
- RM35.00+ Per Child

*Inclusive of party packs & live music performance on 25th December ONLY*

Last but not least, Utara Coffee House brings to you a place with fabulous food in the company of family and friends celebrated in a lively atmosphere, plenty of holiday cheer all combine to create lasting memories here at Armada Petaling Jaya.

For more information,

Utara Coffee House

Lorong Utara C, Seksyen 52,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor,

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