Wednesday, 11 November 2015

FOOD: Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe @ Ikon, Taman Connaught

I've always been on the hunt looking for a place where coffee and pastries is served at an affordable price. Recently, I visited this place located in Cheras. A brightly lid, comfortable place to chill out from the stressful lifestyle. If you're also looking for a place like that, do check out

Haru Japanese Bakery located @ Ikon, Taman Connaught, Cheras. 

At Haru Japanese Bakery, they boast on using specially imported flour all the way from their mainland, Japan! This "High protein flour" has what it takes to provide patrons with a smoother and softer bread in comparable with the local flour available.  

 Some of the pretty decorations

Attention to all STUDENTS! Just flash your student ID card and you will get to enjoy a 10% discount!

Here are some Buns & Breads that are available here!

Cranberry Cheese

This was the best i had here! As a cheese lover myself, I personally likes this a lot as it has a very rich & "cheesy" taste from the cream cheese inside. The cranberry was a perfect compliment to the cream cheese. Besides, the inside is really fluffy and soft too!

 Butter Croissant

A crispy piece of croissant. However, I would personally prefer it to be more buttery. The texture and the crispy-ness of it was perfect!

 Mini Pizza

Spring Lady

As the name suggest, this has a lot of spring onions which gives the aroma to this bread. Filled with also mayonnaise and cheese!

 Amazing Chestnut

Fruity Red Bean Banana

Caramelized Apple Bun

I personally likes this bun a lot for its filled with raisins and apple fillings at the same time not overpowering the fragrant smell from the freshly baked caramelized sugar.

Buns we had that night

It has always been a great idea to gushes down pastries with a cup of coffee :)



If you're coming here with a group of friend/family and are looking for a platter to share among yourselves, this could be the platter for you!

Heavy duty pack

Served with katsu fried chicken, katsu fried fish, katsu sausage, shrimp, 1 boiled egg, a bowl of carlose rice. You will definitely make your tummy happy after this hearty meal!

Here at Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe, they also do serve pasta for those pasta lovers!

Wafu Mentai Spaghetti
RM 14.80

However, personally, I do not really favor the pastas served here as they are a tad bit too hard to my liking. But hey! it's again very individualistic :) 

Squid Ink Pasta

Aglio-olio pasta

Carbonara Spaghetti

Haru Omelette Brekkie

Looking for something cheesy to satisfy your daily dose of cravings? This should be it! Made of imported cheddar, mozarella, and emental cheese. This dish has a choice between mushroom, sausage or chicken ham to your likings!

Next but not least, the HIGHLIGHT of the night! May I present to you
Haru Shibuya Dessert Toast!

Go Banana
RM 15.50

Served with Crispy Haru Toast topped with chantilly pastry cream, vanilla ice cream, banana & lastly drizzled over with chocolate sauce. This is a great dessert for those who loves chocolate and banana! By the way, chocolate and banana almost always goes along very well! I particularly like the chantilly cream served as it combines and compliments the dessert very well without being too sweet.

Mary Berry
RM 18.50

This is the most popular dessert here at Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe, it is served with crispy Haru Toast topped with chantilly pastry cream, vanilla ice cream, generous portion of mixed berries and rasberries! The Haru toast here has a very fragrant buttery aroma to it which gives the dessert something "extra" compared to others in the market ( no names shall be mentioned :) ) However, I personally feels that perhaps a scoop of strawberry ice cream would make this dessert even better!

Hary Japanese Bakery Cafe serves one of the most affordable yet tasty buns & breads I've discovered. A great place to hangout and chill with family and friends! I will definitely suggest to come back again for the pastries and desserts!

Till next time, See you!

For more information,

Haru Japanese Bakery Cafe

G-08, IKON Connaught,
Jalan Cerdas,
Taman Connaught
56000 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 - 9108 0622

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