Wednesday 21 February 2018

#Foodpost: EAT ALL YOU CAN @ Agehan Japanese Restaurant, Grandbluewave Hotel, Shah Alam


"Making sushi is an art, and experience is everything!" - Nobu Matsuhisa

 It is priced at RM78.00 nett (adult) and RM45.00 (children) 

Date                                                                : Friday & Saturday (Dinner)
Time                                                               : 6.30 pm – 10.30 pm
Venue                                                             : Agehan Japanese Restaurant, Floor 1A
Hotel Manager                                               : Tuan Haji Mohd Ghazali bin Sayed Ibrahim
Chef Incharge (Japanese Sous Chef)        : Chef Christopher Leong

Enjoy a delectable spread of Japanese Food at Grand Bluewave Hotel Shah Alam as they will be having their "ALL YOU CAN EAT" Promotion which consist of Teppenyaki, Teriyaki and sushi! Expect to be serve with rich and flavorful dishes of exciting taste from Agehan Japanese Restaurant, Grand Bluewave Hotel

Specially prepared by Chef Christopher Leong, Japanese sous chef, the spread consist of interesting sushi selections, temaki selection, noodles station, teriyaki selection, makimono selection, and teppenyaki selection.

Varieties of salads to start off your "food-venture"

As for this promotion, Agehan Japanese Restaurant offer an interesting Sushi selection such as Tobikko Sushi, Chuka Kurage Sushi, Tako Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Tuna Sushi, Chuka Idako Sushi and White Tuna Sushi. For Temaki selection we have California Temaki, Ebi Temaki, Tuna Temaki, and Salmon Temaki

As for Noodles selection we have Kake Udon, Tsukimi Udon, Tanuki Udon, and Zaru Udon. Teriyaki selection we have Tori Teriyaki and Saba Teriyaki. Apart from that, we also have Makimono selection which are Futo Maki, Tuna Mayo Sushi, Kani Maki, California Maki, Tuna Maki, Kappa Maki, Salmon Maki, and Kani Sushi


Lastly is Teppayaki selection where we have Beef, Squid, Chicken Sausage, Chicken Thigh, and Vegetable.

Of course not forgetting their wide spread of dessert to end the meal. Among the many desserts, it has swiss roll cakes, chocolate balls, panna cotta, and many more! 

Info about Agehan Japanese Restaurant
Agehan Japanese Restaurant is the Japanese restaurant in Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam that offers you an array Japanese cuisines. The restaurant acquires an official endorsement of HALAL certificate from JAKIM on 1st November 2009 thus the restaurant served 100% Halal Japanese cuisines in the First Southeast Asian Five Star Hotel Accredited with Halal Friendly title.

Info about Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam
Grand BlueWave Hotel Shah Alam (GBWHSA), an international class hotel and convention centre located in Selangor, Malaysia has been granted the highest Halal Friendly Hotel rating of 7 by Crescentrating. It is the first hotel to get the highest rating in Malaysia and the region.

For further inquiries, simply reach us at 03-55118811 ext, 2723 or 2724 or email at All prices are subjected only to 6% of GST.


Agehan Japanese Restaurant
Grand Bluewave Hotel, Shah Alam
Persiaran Perbandaran, Seksyen 14, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor

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Wednesday 14 February 2018

#Foodpost: Celebrating Chinese New Year @ The Forum, Sri Hartamas

The Forum KL @ Desa Sri Hartamas is proud to present their 2018 Chinese New Year Menu! Patrons have the option to choose between Set A or B of 3 course menu at a price of RM58!

 Fresh Salmon Yee Sang

A Fresh Salmon Yee Sang to start off the meal! Toss to a year of great abundance, prosperity and happiness. With crispy foo chuk, purple cabbage, pickle, carrots, peanuts, sesame seeds and not forgetting the generous amount of sliced salmon surrounded by a sea of mandarin oranges!

A combination of baked bean & salted egg paus 

Steamed chicken and fish "siew mai"

A Chinese delicacy which you cant miss whenever it comes to Chinese food! It was served with 3 different kind of sauces - sweet, chilly and wasabi sauce. I personally love dipping it in the wasabi sauce. It was my first time having "siew mai" with wasabi and I'm loving it! To my surprise, the flavour blends and compliments each other perfectly!

 Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Grilled Chicken

Next, comes the main! The pasta was well cooked complimented with a generous portion of grilled chicken topped with a garlic bread. If you're someone who love spicy pasta, this would be the plate you'll not want to miss!

Udon Wok Fried with Kimchi , fresh vegetables , seaweed and sesame

 Patrons who enjoys a Japanese fusion can also have the option to have this bowl of Udon served with green peas and tempura vegetables.

Cake of the day

Last but not least, there will always be space for desserts! If you're dropping by The Forum, do remember to try this chocolate cake! Its one of the BEST that I've personally had so far! Great combination of chocolate mousse, biscuits covered in a chocolate dome. 

Before I sign off, here's my personal rating,
Ambience: Good ambience, comfortable. Great place for catching up with friends, family over good food!
Food: 5/10 - Average
Service: 7/10- Good
Price: Expect an average of RM60 - RM100 per person. 
For more information,
The Forum KL , Sri Hartamas
No. 3, Jln Sri Hartamas 22
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Call 03 - 6419 0343

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Wednesday 7 February 2018


TABLEAPP Launches Premium Dining Pass for Members to Enjoy FREE 5-Star Dishes

Being a Malaysian, Food has always been a priority in our life especially when it comes to good food! During holidays and off days, the first thing that we Malaysian do is to hunt down some good food! And most of us will spend lots of money and time queuing. 

Adopted from Google

If you're also a foodie, you would definitely heard of Tableapp.

Here's a link for it.

Most of us enjoy having good & high quality food but price has always been a factor for considerations to many. Therefore, Tableapp has launched their new "ELITE MEMBERSHIP" which opens the door to a world of FREE 5-Star quality dishes! A whole new dining membership programme which has been newly launched in September 2017 by TABLEAPP and its community has been growing fast ever since.

 With TABLEAPP ELITE, members can expect to eat out more AFFORDABLY at popular dining restaurants. Among them are

  • Naughty Nuri's
  • ANTE
  • enfin by James Won (Award - Winning Restaurant)
  • Babe
  • Sushi Azabu
  • Soleil

How it works:

Members that have subscribed to TABLEAPP ELITE Membership are mostly attracted by the unique dining experience and benefits which entitles them to access premium quality food for free when they dine out at participating restaurants in the Klang Valley. Restaurants give complimentary signature dishes to our TABLEAPP ELITE members if the members spent a minimum at the restaurant. On the other hand, TABLEAPP ELITE members can redeem free signature dishes vary from casual dining restaurants to fine dining restaurants. 

  TABLEAPP ELITE members can redeem this Baked Lobster with Superior Stock (worth RM298 nett) for free at One Seafood Restaurant, Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Besides, members are also entitled for exclusive invitations to find dining events, private wine pairing events, wine tasting events, invitation-only dining events and customized gifts.

100 limited edition Mini Moët for the top 100 ELITE members with the most redemptions by 31st March 2018. Entitled embers can personalise it with their favourite photo.

TABLEAPP ELITE members can redeem this Sri Lankan Jaffna crab (worth RM180++) for free at Aliyaa Island Restaurant and Bar, Damansara Heights.

Good NEWS! 

From now until 31st March 2018, 100 TABLEAPP ELITE members with the most numbers of redemption will be able to customize a bottle of Mini Moët with a picture of their choice which will be delivered to their doorstep in a classy package - easy and fuss-free. Interested members can join this contest online and stand a chance to win this Mini Moët, creating the-one-and-only limited version of their own.

So, wait no more! Join TABLEAPP ELITE via TABLEAPP mobile app available on App Store and Google Play, or Visit  

The membership is priced at RM199 per annual membership and can be used instantly to redeem free dishes upon activation.


As my reader, you can key in "JASON 20" and get yourself a RM20 off your ELITE Membership!

Tuesday 6 February 2018

#Foodpost: Quality & Affordable Vietnamese food @ Guess What, Kota Damansara

Guess What? I've recently visited Kota Damansara and was wandering around looking for dinner. I came across this uniquely named shop there and got me curious. Went to check out their menu and found out they serve fusion Vietnamese food.

Here at Guess What, they aim to bring about  
high quality food at a very affordable price 
to its diners!

It has a very "Vietnamese style" deco with its lanterns hanging from the ceiling and a huge Vietnam Flag which gives us as patrons the feels of dining in Vietnam. Food and desserts are being prepared at the kiosk just as how it is in Vietnam too!

Here's some of the picture i've tried recently at Guess What?

Starters & appetizers,

Deep fried summer rolls

Summer Rolls
Fish Sauce Chicken Wings
Fragrantly marinated with fish sauce deep fried to perfection! This is my TOP PICK among the variety of starters! We even ordered 2 more plates of this chicken wings.

Satisfied with the starters and get our appetite on-going, here are some of the Mains that we had during our visit. We decided to order a few so that we can share and try more of their dishes.

Pork Banh Mi

If you've been to Vietnam, you'd know this is one of Vietnam's popular delicacy! Therefore, it is a MUST TRY whenever I visit a Vietnamese eatery. To my surprise, it is one of the best Banh Mi I've tried so far here in KL. Baguette is toasted to crispy on the outside, fluffy on the outside, stuffed with pork hams and generous amount of greens. Among the popular Banh Mi here at Guess What are their Pork and Chicken Banh Mi.

Pronounce as "fur" which brings about the meaning of Vietnamese broth, rice noodles, herbs and meats primarily either beef or pork.

A complete bowl of "pho" is usually served with a plate of sides consist of leafy green vegetables, herbs, chillies and lime. At Guess What, they have a wide variety of "pho" ranging from pork to clams.
Clams Pho
Australian Beef Pho
Beef - RM13.90
Ribeye - RM17.90

The clams and Australian Beef pho are my top 2 pick among the many different types of pho here at Guess What. I personally feel that the most important ingredient for a good bowl of "Pho" is the broth. A fragrant and flavorful broth will differentiate between an extraordinary from an ordinary bowl and Guess What? They have done it! (Geddit? HAHA!)

Beef Internal Organs Pho

What I also like is that they have added a local twist to their menu by adding this Beef Internal Organs Pho. To those inerts lover, this would be the bowl for you!

Beef Ball Pho

Chicken Pho

Fish Pho

Pork Chop Dry Noodles

For a change, to those who prefers to have some dry noodles.

Heritage Coconut Rice

Consists of generous amount of homemade meatballs, coconut flesh and broth made from coconut juice.

Phat Hai Vietnamese Coffee

Another MUST TRY whenever you visit a Vietnamese eatery is their Coffee as they are popular for their coffee as well. Do try this Phat Hai Vietnamese Coffee, it has a very nice chocolate after taste that comes along every sip! It usually has a lot of ice to dilute the strong aromatic Vietnamese coffee.

Before I sign off, here's my personal rating,
Ambience: Good ambience, comfortable. Great place for catching up with friends, family over good food!
Food: 9/10 -Good!
Service: 7/10
Price: Expect an average of RM15 - RM40 per person. 
For more information,

Guess What, Kota Damansara
No.12A-1, PJU 5.7
Dataran Sunway, 47810 PJ Selangor
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Call 017 - 229 5005
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