Friday 17 July 2015

FOOD: Korea's Pelicana Chicken @ E-Curve, Mutiara Damansara

Fried chicken has always been my All-Time Favourite/ to-go-to food! I can have it anytime of the day be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. In Korea, fried chicken are usually eaten as snacks together with beer. If you're a k-pop fans, i'm pretty sure that you have already watched the drama 'My love from the star' starring mainly on Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Ji-Hyun which successfully turned the "chicken and beer" combination into conniption!

Recently, I was invited to Pelicana Korean Fried Chicken @ E-curve, Mutiara Damansara and of course my taste buds are all prepared to try the fried chicken! 

 Spacious yet comfy sofa for you while you enjoy your crunchy bites of Pelicana's Premium Fried Chicken

 Pelicana's Sides dishes & rice 

Patrons may also have a choice to add-on of this sides consist of a plate of fragrant rice and Musaengchae (Seasoned Radish) and Miyeok Muchim (Seaweed Salad). 

Special Pelicana yellow sauce
RM1.00/ sachet

It consist of mustard and a tinge of wasabi when I taste it but i find it very unique and I love the taste of it very much! Do give it a try when you drop-by! :) 

Pelicana chicken is a fast-food chain in Korea selling it's fried chicken consisting of 5 different flavours:

Peli crunchy chicken (Original Crunchy)
- Original Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken 
Spring onion Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken
-Charcoal BBQ Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken
-Hot Spice Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken 
Let the pictures do the talking,

 Peli crunchy chicken (Original Crunchy)
12pcs for RM56.50

One of my favorites here at Pelicana Chicken! I like how crunchy the skin is and the inside is still juicy and not too dry! You can certainly add some twist to this by adding the 'yellow sauce' to it!

 Spring onion Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken
14pcs for RM32.90

In my opinion, spring onion has it's own unique taste to it! My taste buds tells me that it has a little tinge of wasabi in it. What do you say? Try it out soon and tell me what you think yeah! :)

   Charcoal BBQ Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken
14pcs for RM32.90

(Slightly Spicy)

Hot Spice Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken 
14pcs for RM32.90


Being a typical malaysian, spicy food are usually not a challenge to us. However, this Hot Spice Peli Nyeon Chicken has got what it takes to challenge our MALAYSIAN taste buds! 

 Burger Peli Jumbo Fillet Burger
RM 15.50/Set

 Peli Spicy D’ Fish Burger
RM 13.90/Set

Last but not least, it's me posing with Pelicana fried chicken! Look how amaze I am having those crunchy bites in my hands! :) 

Pelicana has brought in some twist to the fried chicken market here in Malaysia. Now,  we do have other choices of fried chickens when our cravings strikes. Here's some of my personal review about the place,

Fattyjason's Rating: 

FOOD: 7/10
PRICE: Slightly above average 
OVERALL SATISFACTION: 7/10 - Crunchy and tasty chicken accompanied with some spacious and comfy environment for a whole new experience! 

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia
E Curve Mall
Level 1 Lot 1-43
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03-7732 0087



  1. Wah... Seems like you enjoyed your chicken so much

    1. Yeap! I really did enjoyed myself! Hope to go back there soon! :) Nice meeting youuuu!

  2. we love fried chicken too, but at pelicana it just feels more healthy with the options for healthy side dishes etc

    1. I agree :) I do feel the same I the chicken is somehow less oily compared to other brands/companies :)

  3. Quite a lot choices in this restaurant

    1. Yeap! They do! 5 different choices for you to choose. Which was your favourite?

  4. Very nice shots you got there .... food looks so delicious!

    1. Thank you! Had a look at your pictures too! I love your angle of the pics you took :)

  5. Always love Korean food... Pelicana's fried chicken is one of my top favourite!

  6. Replies
    1. YUMMY! Less oily and tastier chickens! :)

  7. Yummy yummy..... I love the spicy one the best.... worth the tears shed... an awesome combination of ecstacy and agony... heheheh

  8. very very nice pic lah you captured!
    all the chicken look yummy...

    kolin zainal

  9. Yummy! First time I see Pelicana rice is special! It's delicious when it match with spicy fried chicken! Great post u write!

  10. Wow! Mouth-watering bestnyer if got korean beer to drink with eating chicken! :D


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