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FOOD: Raku Pizza @ SS15, Subang Jaya

The Italians have always set the benchmark of how a pizza should be. Here at RAKU PIZZA @ SS15, Subang Jaya has given it a twist from what we know as the "norm"!

Recently, my foodie friends and I got invited for a review session and I personally are very curious of the kind of pizza that they will be serving here. The name of this place "RAKU PIZZA" gave me the impression that pizza will be served in the "Japanese way/style".

Read on to find out more!!

A simple decorations yet comfortable and spacious space for you to dine-in.


Yes! You read that right! Here at RAKU PIZZA, you can build and create you very own pizza of your choice!

Before I continue about my experience that night during the session, let me introduce to you how things work here at RAKU PIZZA.

 You may pick the combination that has already been set/fixed from the menu
You may want to be creative and create your very own pizza!

 If so, 

1. Pick your crust - Plain/ herbs/ charcoal
2. Choose your own sauce - Miso/ Teriyaki/ Wasabi Mayonnaise/ Japanese curry
3. Choose your own toppings - Various toppings for you to choose from the menu with respective                                                          prices! Do check it out! 
4. Place your order and witness your very own pizza made before your eye!

BEWARE: It is advisable to check with the staffs while ordering on whether or not the toppings and sauces that you picked compliments each other before it's too late!

The session started off with the introduction of their Signature pizzas

Haru Range (Served with Raku's Teriyaki sauce)

 Sakurajima Lava
RM 12.90

Using a charcoal crust, it contains teriyaki sauce, cheese grilled chicken, sweet onions, Japanese Mayo, topped with shredded seaweed and an onsen Tamago. It is best to spread the egg over the top of the pizza in equal share before consuming. A rather unique way of having your pizza! Eat it quick as the egg will make it slight soggy after awhile.

 Fujiyama Sunrise
RM 12.90

Served with cheese, egg, japanese mayo, okonomi sauce, rice seaweed, and you can also opt for either chicken sausage, chicken ham, karaage chicken, or beef pepperoni. Sauces and toppings fuses and compliments each other very well with plain crispy thin crust.

FUYU Range ( Served with Raku's wasabi mayo)

 Americano Sumo
RM 12.90

Charcoal crust topped with cheese, beef pepperoni, sweet onions, sweet corns, shredded seaweed before drizzled with wasabi mayo. A great combination of sweet, salty and pungent ( by the wasabi mayo).

We also got the opportunity to custom make our very own pizza,

 Carmen's signature pizza (my foodie friend no.1)
RM 19.80

 Carmen decided to give the herbs crust a try. Served with toppings such as soft shell crab, bonito flakes, sweet corn and mentai mayonnaise topped with Japanese curry sauce. 

 Clarrisha's signature of the night ( foodie friend no.2)
RM 26.30

Clarrisha decided to make do her toppings on a plain crust as it was her favourite crust among all. So here's what she chose, served with miso sauce with toppings of soft shell crab, extra cheese, boiled potato, chicken ham and mentai mayonnaise. It was a generous amount of toppings especially with the price that comes with it.

 Jason's Specialty
RM 20.90

Last but not least, it's my turn to make my pizza. Plain crust with teriyaki sauce topped with karaage chicken + beef pepperoni, cheese, mushrooms, shredded seaweed and drizzled with okonomi sauce. This combination was slightly too salty for me, as there was a combination of beef pepperoni and okonomi sauce which both are salty. Perhaps either 1 of it will do the trick!


 Chicken Shiogayaki Don
RM 11.90 ( M size)
RM 14.90 ( L size)

If you're not feeling pizza, there are also rice served here at RAKU PIZZA. This chicken shiogayaki Don is served with fried chicken slices and onions with ginger sauce. You just mixed it well together and there you have it! RECOMMENDED!


Chicken Katsu Don
RM 11.90

Located in the heart of the busy town of SS15 surrounded by colleges, universities and offices apart from household, RAKU PIZZA provides to you Weekdays Promotion Pizza Set to those "pizza cravers" from ONLY RM9.90/set! This is definitely worth it for a personal pizza + 16oz soft drinks.

A mandatory group picture

Many thanks to Raku Pizza for having us around! It was a great dining session with you!

Fattyjason's Rating: 

FOOD: 7/10 

An unique experience on having our very own custom made pizza! If you're looking for a twist to your pizza, Look no further and head on over to check it out!  

For more information,

Raku Pizza 楽ピザ
No 80 Ground Floor
Jalan SS 15/4D
47500 Subang Jaya

Phone Number : 03 - 5631 2188

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