Tuesday 19 September 2017

#Travelpost: My very first diving experience @ Tioman Island, Malaysia

This has been one of the most adventures weekend getaway for me and guess what, I've overcome my fear that I had for the past 25 years in me! HAHA! 

Do read on for my VERY FIRST EXPERIENCE of my diving adventure!

My interest for diving began 1 year ago when I started treating Keith & KJ during my internship as a Chiropractic Intern. Initially, I was rather hesitated to learn diving as I wouldn't classify myself to be someone who knows how to swim and now I want to dive! I must be out of my mind! However, after hearing those amazing stories from both Keith & KJ (which they are my instructors today! YAY!) about their experience at the under water world, I began to overcome my fear and finally decided to take up the "Open Water Diver License".

Soon after, I began my lesson with DIVERTAINMENT @ Lake view, Subang Jaya. What i like about it here is that, they provide unlimited classes for all their students until they are ready before making the trip to the sea as each and everyone of us progresses at different rates.

Here's a picture of us just before we begin with our lesson for the day
(Yeap! That's KJ right in the center!)

It took me a week of classes at Divertainment before I go out for a 3 days 2 nights to Redang for my Open Water License. To be licensed as an open water diver, I am required to do 4 dives during this trip and there will be some skills to be completed during each dives. Nevertheless, dives throughout was still fun!

 Getting ready for the day

An artificial treadmill reef located at Renggis Island - one of the dive spots at Tioman Island

Getting a picture with the turtle

Puffer fish that's been following us throughout our dive!

Last but not least, it was an exceptionally great experience that I certainly did not regret and I would definitely encourage any of you to go learn diving if it's also part of your bucket list! Many thanks to those who have supported and encourage to do this (You know who you are =P).

Cheers to more diving in the future! I'm already looking forward to my next dive!

So stay tuned! :)

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