Saturday 9 September 2017

#Dailypost: Premium gym equiment brought to you by F1 Recreation - TRUE

F1 Recreation flexes it muscle in Malaysia for True Brand Fitness Equipment

I am very honored recently to be invited for a fitness event at F1 Recreation at Kuala Lumpur and to be able to meet some of Malaysia's Fitness Champion during the event. Read on to find out more! :)

Fitness solution and premium fitness equipment F1 Recreation Sdn Bhd has been appointed by TRUE to distribute and flex the brand's muscles in Malaysia! To those seeking for gym equipments, condominiums, universities, country clubs and professional athletes can now flex your muscles knowing you are training with a trusted equipments.

Also present at the official ceremony were Malaysian bodybuilding Champions Lilian Tan, Syed Fazli Syed Ali, Terrence Teo, Rykiel Cherie, and Jackie Tan as well as wellness and peak performance guru Wong Yu Jin.

The appointment of F1 Recreation will see the debut of TRUE brand cardio machines with space efficient designs along with four different types of consoles that allows long-lasting equipment to be upgraded with more features just by replacing the consoles. Among them would be the Transverse lateral trainer (The machine on the right where Terrence Teo is trying it out) that uses a side-to-side motion to sculpt and target the core and lower body. This machine would be great for Chiropractors and Physiotherapy to help them treat their patients that have muscle imbalance of the lower body.

Finally, a picture of me and the Champions!

Syed Fazli Syed Ali and myself

Terrence Teo and me

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