Sunday, 14 February 2016

LifeStyle: Subcision treatment (Deep Acne Scars Treatment) @ Premier Clinic, Bangsar

I have always been concerned with my acne scars as early as I started puberty few years back. As guys being guys, we are a little stubborn when we were told not to "press"/ remove/ touch those pimples that popped out during those ages. This left me with a few acne scars resulting from it.

Now that I regret doing so in the passed, I've tried using different facial products to lighten those scars of mine but it did not gave me a reasonable result. 

I'm glad that I went to Premier Clinic, Bangsar recently and Dr.Elaine was the doctor in-charge recommended me for a treatment known as "Subcision". This treatment is to break the fibrous tissue formed / that is resposible for those deep acne scars that I have. 

This picture which I got it out from google, basically sums up everything I say about subcission. It is a simple and safe office procedure for treatment of depressed acne scars.  

Let me take you through basically the whole treatment process that I've experience :) 

Had a chat with the sweet and caring Dr. Elaine about my skin condition and the suitable treatment for it.

Cleansing my face and later on some numbing cream was applied.

The numbing cream is left for 30 minutes for it to get absorbed into the skin. You'll feel a slightly cold sensation during this period.

And the treatment procedure finally commence, first and foremost, Dr. Elaine will inject a doze of anesthesia to numb the affected region. Thanks for the numbing cream earlier, this isn't pain at all. However, you'll feel something moving around there and that's all! 

After injecting the anesthesia, it is followed with the Subcision procedure. It is not painful honestly, you'll feel a needle moving under your skin and you may sometimes feel a little ticklish. That being said, you may also encounter some bruises and swelling depending on how sensitive your skin is. However, this may only last for a good 3 days before it subside. The whole procedure only takes about 20 minutes.


A picture of my face is taken before the treatment.

After 2 weeks

Here's a picture of my face after 2 weeks from the treatment. There are obvious improvements for those deep scars especially on my right lower face region with this treatment. However, there are some superficial marks/scars left generally. 

Thanks to Premier Clinic and Dr.Elaine for the treatment.

If you're looking for a solution like I did, you can do so as below:

Premier Clinic
40 Jalan Telawi, 
Bangsar Baru, 
59100 KL.

Phone Number : +6012-6625552
Email Address :
Instagram : premier_clinic


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