Wednesday, 10 February 2016

FOOD: Chinese New Year Brunch launch @ #theBBP, Bukit Utama


Eating great food with family and friends is a national Malaysian pastime. This makes eating and chilling out at Bukit Utama's "The BBP" the perfect location for a fabulous time. The BBP, an acronym standing for among other things - BIG BLACK PIG, BEST BBQ PIT, BEST BEER PROMO; BBP is a gastropub style restaurant with a gorgeous beer garden serving classic, mouth-watering barbecue fare specialising in pork dishes such as pork ribs and their delightful beer can chicken - known as "One Hot Chick". BBP also offers an extensive selection of local and imported beers, perfect for those after work meet-ups.

Recently they had a brunch launch which I agreed easily to attend. I liked the cozy and comfy environment here alongside with a rustic bar feel at #BBP. However, the outdoor seating is rather hot and humid in the afternoon due to the weather in Malaysia. It would be a great spot for breakfast and dinner.

What about the food?

If you need a place to have a good brunch with family and friends, check out BBP's new brunch menu. 

#BBP brunch menu

If diners have specific requests, BBP's brunch menu also allows diners to get creative and build their own brunch meal. Diners may choose what they want to include in their meal; options includes eggs, meats, sides and even sauces if one's stomach has a specific cravings. The brunch menu is available 
only on weekends, 11am to 3pm

Iberico Bacon Croissant 

Filled with chunky piece of bacon slices, lettuce, mayonnaise and sides of salad and fries. This was my favourite for the day as I like how generous they are with the amount of bacon given.

Spicy Pork Sandwich

A "lou sang" session is a must-have for any CNY occasion. BBP's own variation of "sang" includes pork as an added ingredient. Featuring Jamon Iberico, Bacon crackle and Crispy Pork Lard, the "chu" Sang is available for takeaway to the comfort of your own party. Half portion and full portion of the "Chu" Sang is priced at RM49 nett and RM88 nett respectively. 

For those looking for suckling pic this Chinese New Year, you can also get one here at #BBP! Suckling Pigs are available for pre-order from now till 22nd February 2016, with a whole Suckling Pig priced at RM350 nett. ( 1 day advanced booking is required)

One-Hot Chick!

Yeap! that's me carrying One-hot chick!

Look at the flames that makes the Hot Chick Hotter!

302, 1 The Club, 
9 Bukit Utama, 
No. 9 Persiaran Bukit Utama, 
Bandar Utama.

Phone Number: 03-7724 1628
Facebook: #TheBBP

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