Wednesday, 3 February 2016

FOOD: Fork D World, Damansara Perdana (NON-HALAL)

"Unhealthy food taste the best!" 

I couldn't agree more to this statement after dropping by this week at Fork D World, Damansara Perdana. I got to know this place from a good foodie friend of mine, Pancake Chin ( Check out his blog here at ). You'll see why I said this place serves unhealthy food.

A very cozy & warm environment for its patrons to enjoy their very porkilicious meal.

Here at Fork D World, you can enjoy definitely satisfy your ever-longing bacon cravings that you have! Almost everything served here is infused/ contained/ cooked with bacon or other forms of pork. (NON- HALAL)

Awesome Bacon Lou Sang
RM55 nett 

Consist of pomelo, varieties of fried yam ( red/green/orange), guava, pork lard, streaky bacon, back bacon and pork skin. Even the sauce for the Lou Sang is bacon infused! Just Wow!

Guess I do not have to explain myself further. (HAHA!). Have you tried this bacon infused lou sang? This was my first time trying out this Bacon infused Lou Sang. Fork D World made a twist to the usual Lou Sang that you get elsewhere by adding bacon strips to it. This is the first time I actually go for a second helping of Lou Sang. The 3 different fried yam and the pork lard gave it a crispy texture in addition to the shaved guava which give a sweet taste to this plate of goodness.


 Bacon Bomb

This is one of the best started I've ever had! Generous amount of mozarella cheese wrapped with crsipy bacon strip served together with a cherry tomato in every bite! Cheese and bacon had always compliment each other so well! Perfect!


Grilled Australian Lamb Loin

The lamb was very flavourful. With just a bite, you'll be able to know how serious does the chef takes marination into account. Texture was perfect as it was not too hard resulting from overcooked of the meat. Served with a sides of onions, and baked baby potatoes. This could easily be one of the best lamb I've ever had!

 Porky Bacon Lasagna

This is one of their new dish which are not in the menu. The bacon in the lasagna gave it a more crispy and salty taste to it which is slightly different from the usual beef or chicken lasagna.


The classic Carbonara pasta topped with a raw egg yolk. This was one of my many favourites here! If you're a carbonara person like I do, make sure you give this plate a try!

Sambal Shrimp Pizza

A unique twist to the pizza variety. However, I personally felt that the taste of the sambal is over-powered by other ingredients. If you wish to have it a tad bit more spicy, perhaps you could put your request in during your order :) 

Roast Pork Pizza

Roast Pork Fried Pasta

A very fragrantly fried pasta with roast pork, garlic and some homemade "black" sauce. This dish reminds me of the roast pork cooked with garlic that my mom cooks back home! A comfort food for me :)


Durian Egg Puding

Calling to those Durian Lovers like me, this would be the best puding you'd every have! Trust me on this! Fork D World manage to bring out the richness and the flavour of this Soft Durian Puding. 

Chocolate Brownies
RM12 per portion
( This picture has 2 portion) 

Apple Crumble served with scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream.
RM10 per portion
(This piture consists of 2 portion) 

I like how crispy the crust is accompanied by the warmth apple fillings in the center. It wasn't too sweet and it goes perfectly with the cooling vanilla ice cream. 

Dessert Waffles
RM10 per portion
( This picture has 2 portion)

This waffle has a crispy outer layer while the chewy inside was just lovely served with scoops of ice cream of your choice - either vanilla or chocolate.

Let me give you a heads up in case you're planning to drop by during Chinese New Year, that they will be closed from the 7th - 14th February. However, if you wish to have some Awesome Bacon Lou Sang during that period, you can always ring to Pre-book and collect during this period. Fork D World is a all-rounder cafe serving Good and Delicious starters, mains and desserts! 

Do drop by with your friends and family to find out more! 

For more information, 

Fork D World
D2-G-3A, Ritze Perdana 1 Commercial Lot, Jalan PJU 8/2, Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday (11am - 10pm)
Tel: 03-7731 3827 / 017-6789511

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