Thursday, 18 January 2018

#Foodpost: Tasty Smoked Chicken @ Gather Gather Kitchen, Kota Kemuning

Guys! If you're around Kota Kemuning or staying around here looking for some good food, dont miss out this out!

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 Located just along the main street of Kota Kemuning, this place has captured the hearts of the resident around this area with their yummy, tasty, home-cooked food.
7G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla X 31/X, Kota Kemuning
Shah Alam, Malaysia

Standing Smoked Chicken
Gather Gather Kitchen boast about their Smoked Standing Chicken. Very well marinated and cooked in their own unique ways that will ensure the "smokey" flavor are infused into the chicken meat. Worth the try indeed!

 Roast Curry Pork Chee Cheong Fun

Chee Cheong Fun served here at Gather Gather Kitchen has just the right texture mixed with the tasty curry sauce. Not forgetting the siew yeok which comes along with it is well marinated and roast to perfection! One of my few favorites here at Gather Gather Kitchen! 

Hong Kong Pork Balls Mi Xian

 For more options, they also serve this Mi Xian with 5 different toppings. Consists of meatballs, pork belly slices, corn kernels and preserved vegetables. 

Dry Roast Pork Mi Xian

Despite the name, this dish has a little bit of gravy/soup to gives more flavors to its noodles. One of the few COMFORT FOOD to me which reminds me of a dish my late Grandmother used to cook.

 Ginger Wine Mi Xian
 Roast Duck (Half Portion)

Apart from the noodle dishes, Gather Gather Kitchen also has a range of dishes where patrons can eat alongside. I personally like the gravy drizzled on the roast duck which makes it tasty! However, perhaps it would be better if the crispiness of the duck can be preserved. 

 5 Colors Egg plant
RM20 - Small
RM30 - Big

Deep Fried Lotus Roots with Salted Egg
RM16 - Small
RM18 - Medium
RM25 - Large

If you're dropping by at this place, this is definitely a MUST TRY here! I personally am a salted egg type of person. If you're also one, this will be the dish you'd never wanna miss out on! Crispiness of the lotus is preserved despite the cooking style! Totally worth it!

Before I sign off, here's my personal rating,
Ambience: Moderate ambience, comfortable. A great place for food but not a conducive place to have a catch up with your friends and family.
Food: 10/10 -Perfect!
Service: 7/10 - Good!
Price:  Expect an average of RM15 - RM30 per person depending on the amount you order.

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