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Food: Yugami Steamboat, Sri Petaling, KL

Yugami Steamboat

As you know, I study in IMU Bukit Jalil which is located nearby Sri Petaling. Being a student in IMU, food have always been a problem as there is limited choices of food that's available around my university. Therefore, our next best option would be Sri Petaling area which is only 5 minutes drive away from the University.

Recently, as we were driving around Sri Petaling looking for a place for dinner, we stumble upon this little steamboat eatery at Sri Petaling - YUGAMI STEAMBOAT. Despite having to live and food hunt around Sri Petaling for the past 4 years, I have never tried this eatery as it look pretty expensive from the outside and as a student we usually live on a tight budget. Anyway, here's some pictures of the place for you as below :) 

As a Malaysian, steamboat has always been one of my favourite food and I certainly look forward to this meal! Since we are already here, we decided to try out their all new "Flaming Fish Broth" & also their popular spicy and curry based soup. Here in Yugami, they boast about the "Malaysian" choices of broths and richness of their soup base. Broths served here at Yugami are very different compared to other steamboat eatery. All the broth here at Yugami comes with a generous amount of ingredients in it. Let's the picture below speaks for itself :)  

Yugami All New Flaming Fish Broth

This was the highlight of the night as this is one of the best broth i've had for as long as I can remember. Consist of chinese cabbage, ginger, scallions, huge chunk of grouper fish head and to top it off with fresh and giant fresh water prawns. 

Spicy broth (white) & Curry broth 

Next up, we tried these 2 popular broths of theirs as recommended by the owner of Yugami. Both has it's own very unique and distinct taste to it as the Spicy broth comes with generous amount of pig stomach in it, thinly sliced of pork belly and scallions. If you're wondering, the spicy broth here are not too spicy and peppery which I think it's ideal for steamboat. Otherwise, the spicyness will overpower the taste of the freshness and sweetness of the ingredients.

"Curry broth is also another popular one here at Yugami! Especially to the younger generations and curry lovers". Explained by the owner. The colour of the curry is nice however, I personally like it to have more "santan" taste to it. Besides that, it also comes with huge chunk of fish head meats, vegetables, fu-chuk and tau-fu pok

Here are some of my favourites and dishes that they offer.


!!! Salted Egg yolk Sotong !!!
Whenever, you visit Yugami, dont forget to try out their fragrant home-made chilly dipping sauces. Steamboat is never complete with a good dipping sauce to go with it. 

For more information,

107, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 
57000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  


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