Saturday, 25 March 2017

Food: L'Elephant @ Luang, Prabang, Laos.

 L'Elephant - If you're googling on the top MUST EATS in Luang Prabang, you'll definitely come across this restaurant here! It may also be the first on the list on GOOGLE :)

On my 2nd night at Luang Prabang, my family and I decided to try this cozy restaurant located at directly opposite Wat Nong Sikhonmuang. We were there at about 6PM and one of their first customers of the night. We love the environment and atmosphere there. Here's some pictures of the place for you :)

A cozy and comfortable environment with friendly staffs that will ensure you a pleasant dinner :)

Our meal started off with this complimentary refreshing sliced cucumber rolls with goat cheese and olives inside. Such a great refreshments to get you ready for dinner.

French loafs is served with butter. French loaf is like a MUST in every french cuisine. I especially love french love here at Luang Prabang, Laos. All french loaf I've eaten here since day 1 are all crispy on the outside and soft on the inside! Perfection! Just how a french loaf is supposed to be!

It's finally our mains! We ordered their special of the day which is this chicken dish. My first impression of chicken breast was it will be dry and hard to chew as I have pretty bad experience with chicken breast. Because of this, ever since I am not a chicken breast type of person. 

However, this chicken breast delicious! You know it is good when a "non-chicken breast person" says it is.  It was succulent and tender with great amount moisture contained in the meat! It wasn't overcooked and the gravy goes well with it while not overpowering the fresh taste of the chicken breast. Hands down one of the beast chicken breast dish i ever ate!

The sides served were cubed potatoes fried to golden perfection on the outside. I love it!

Next up would be this chicken leg and tomato concasse. The protein here is well marinated topped with tomato concasse which gives it a little sourish and sweetness to the dish. The tomato concasse taste a little bit like tomato puree to me personally. I don't really fancy this dish as I like my mains usually to be savoury but overall, well done to this dish!

This is beef stew with carrots as our 3rd dish of the night. I personally love this dish a lot! The protein is tender and flavourful, well marinated and the sauce is tasty! We also ordered a bucket of sticky rice to go with this!

and here we are enjoying our dinner! Cheers! 

For more information,
L'Eléphant Restaurant
Luang Prabang - Lao P.D.R
Tel.856 71 252 482 - Fax.856 71 252 492 
Tel.856 71 252 482 -Fax.856 71 252 492

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