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[Day 4] Laos march 2017 - One of the best waterfall in South East Asia @ Luang Prabang, Laos

Kuangsi Waterfall

It's the 4th day here at Luang Prabamg, Laos. It's a visit to the famous Kuangsi Waterfall today! How can you not visit this amazing waterfall when you're here at Luang Prabang, Laos? Trust me! It's one of the best waterfall I've ever visited.

Read on to find out for yourselves :)

We managed to look for a ride that cost us 40,000 Kip (~ 4.8 USD) per person to take us to the waterfall. This is one of the most affordable price that we can look for after asking and enquiring around from local tour guides and companies. We got this ride at one of the hotel nearby that provide such services for its patrons. So, when you're here, do ask around for the best price and compare them :)

The journey there to the waterfall is only 30KM away but it took us about an hour as the road is rather cursive and windy road. Road conditions are fine with not too many pot holes. I certainly did not enjoy the ride there as I am a person who get motion sickness pretty easily. So, if you're someone who gets motion sickness easily, do bring along some sweets to help your journey :)

 Finally! Here we are at the entrance of Kuangsi Waterfall. There is a price of 20,000 Kip of entrance ticket to enter the premise.

A map of the place

Along the way while you walk to the first view point of the waterfall, you'll see fruit stalls on the side that sells with very resonable price :)

As your first stop, you'll arrive at this bear retreat center where bears are being rescued and kept safe here :) You can drop by here to take some cute pictures with the bears :)

First view point of Kuangsi Waterfall @ Luang Prabang, Laos

2nd View point of Kuangsi Waterfall

The water here is very clean, cold and refreshing! Do take extra clothings with you as you would definitely want to have a dip into this waterfall! You'll never regret this life experience trust me! HAHA! oh! They also have changing rooms here for you.

The 3rd and final viewpoint of the Kuangsi Waterfall

If you're feeling hungry, you can drop by at this restaurant here ( located just slightly after the 2nd view point of the waterfall) who serve mainly local delicacies. Not to mention that this restaurant also provide FREE WIFI! We had our lunch here as we were already hungry from the hiking and dipping in the water.

Local delicacies

Chicken with fried garlic

Pork sausage

Sticky rice

After lucnch, it's time for us to head home and freshen up as we have a movie to catch! Read on to check out more about it :)

There's a FREE MOVIE projection session held at Sanctuary Hotel daily at 6.30pm.

More information at link below:

The movie last around 1 and half hour at the little garden in front of Sanctuary Hotel. I personally felt that the movie is rather entertaining and is a great activity to spend time with out love ones here especially with the cool and breezy weather in the evening here at Luang Prabang. Afterall, its FREE and only a "courtesy drink" is required. So why not?

I've ordered myself a bottle of Beer Lao that comes with some peanuts to go with while enjoying my movie.

After the movie has ended on our way back to our hostel, we stumble upon this little fruit stall along Kitsalat road which we thought the price for the fruit are rather cheap although you can get fruit shakes easily here at Luang Prabang. You'll definitely not miss this stall as it has many different types of variety of fruits sold here.

For dinner, we had some local Lao noodles for a warm and satisfactory meal to end the day.

Khoa Soi
(Pork noodle soup)

Stew pork rice with eggs and vegetables

And this marks the end of my 4th days here at Luang Prabang, Laos. Looking forward to more activities tomorrow!

Here's my day 5 link as below!

Drop me an email if you have any enquiries at "liew_yanwei_05@hotmail.com"

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