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Food: Satisfying my Cravings at Sanoook! Thai-Japanese Cuisine @ Sunway Pyramid

Thai - Japanese cravings satisfaction @ Sanoook, Sunway Pyramid

Calling out to all food lovers like me, if you're craving for both Thai food and Japanese food at the same time, do check out SANOOOK @ Sunway Pyramid! Here at Sanoook, you'll find a very unique combination of Thai-Japanese food. More significantly, the taste actually compliments each other to tingle your tastebuds.

Here's a short description of Sanoook for you! :)

Allow me to give you a short sneak peak around the place!

A cozy and comfortable environment that caters to large group and best for family and friends gathering!

They also have this special corner for those of you who seek for a little more privacy while you enjoy your meal

What I particularly like in this restaurant is this! I can place my order just by the tip of my finger saving on the hassle to draw the waiter's or waitress attention especially during peak hours. 

As Starters.....

4 Season Platter

This basket of fried mini-bites consist of a mixture of seafood and vegetables namely Thai fishcake with Thai Chicken Ball, Vegetarian spring rolls, Salmon Cream croquette, and my favourite among all, The Crispy Calamari!  

Sanoook's Rainbow with Sesame sauce

Coming up next on the list of starters would be this Sanoook's Rainbow with Sesame sauce. In this dish, they managed to give it a little twist by using thin-sliced zucchini instead of the usual seaweed wrap. This gave a little more chew and crisp to the sushi which I really love!  


Pan fried Tuna Steak with Spinach & Mixed Mushrooms Served with Teriyaki Sauce

A rather perfect combination of fresh Tuna and mixed mushrooms which give it a little more chew to it drizzled with a generous amount of teriyaki sauce for the flavour. The tuna fish served here are very fresh! Personally, I felt that the right way to enjoy such fresh fish would be eating it raw as this allow us sushi lovers to taste the sweetness and juicy-ness of the fish meat. However, this is just my personal opinion and it may vary from one to another :) 

Tom Yam Soup with River Prawn

How can we miss tomyam soup whenever we visit a Thai Restaurant right?!?!? Well, the Tomyam here are actually not bad though with just the right amount of sour taste but it would be better with a little more of spicy-ness. For me personally, the prawns were just slightly overcooked than usual. Otherwise, it'll be just perfect!

Grills/BBQ Skewers.....

Here at Sanoook, they boast about their Grills/ BBQ. BBQ lovers like me have the choice of seafood, meats and vegetables skewers!

  • Salmon Belly/ fillet (MY FAVOURITE!!!)
  • Chicken breast/ Wings
  • Beef 
  • Prawns
  • Scallop
  • Vegetables

Salmon Belly Skewers with lime chilli sauce

This is one of the highlights here at Sanoook! If you were to ask me which would be the recommended "MUST TRY" dish here in Sanoook, I would definitely recommend you this dish without a doubt! Salmon belly skewers were grilled to perfection! 

Chicken Skewers

Chicken Burger with Teriyaki Sauce

Tuna with Tomyam Sauce Sushi

Fresh Durian Ice Cream with Coconut Milk

To those durian lovers out there, this might just be the dessert you've been looking for! A strong and fragrant durian taste complimented by the creamy coconut milk sago. I'd go back just for this sinful bowl of dessert!

Thai Volcano

Sanoook Salad Jar Takeaway

If you're looking for something light and healthy, here's something for you! The Sanoook Salad Jar Takeaway series! It's convenient and simple to eat especially when you're on your busy schedule, just drop by to get yourself a Sanoook Salad Jar! 

Shake it & Eat it!

4 healthy choices of content to satisfy your daily fiber, proteins and vitamin requirements! 

  • Thai Salad Jar
  • Salmon Salad Jar
  • Fuity Muesli Salad Jar
  • Japanese Soba Salad Jar

I chose the Salmon Salad Jar as I personally loves Salmon a lot! It also come with some roasted sesame dressing to drizzle on top of it too!

"We promise Never to eat JUNK FOOD again"

Let's see how long can I keep to this!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

For more information,

Lot 4 Ground Floor,
Sunway Pyramid Hotel West,
Bandar Sunway, 
47500. Subang Jaya

Contact number: 03- 5650 5196
Facebook: Sanoook Facebook

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