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Live: 6D Eyebrow Embroidery @ Matis Paris by Skin pro Beauty House, Kuala Lumpur

Recently, I was offered to review 6D eyebrow embroidery service by Matis Paris by Skin pro Beauty House. Initially, just like everyone, my impression about the idea of "getting the brows done" are for females as there weren't any of my guy friend who have tried doing it. However, later on as I began doing some research about it and to my surprise, eyebrow embroidery are also pretty common among guys as well! 

As this was my first time getting my eyebrows done, I wasn't quite sure of what to expect during my visit. (HAHA!) Anyway, let me give some some sneak peak of the place before i continue on with my experience :) 

A cozy and comfy setting here at Matis Paris for you while waiting for your treatment

You can chill and enjoy some tea at the couch while waiting for your treatment.

Check David out, he's working on shaping my brows, just to get the right size and thickness beforehand. If you've no idea on what to expect during your visit, usually the session will start off with a discussion of you and the beautician. In this discussion, the beautician will provide you with his/her opinions on the best size and shape for you.

Tip #1
For guys, you can choose either the straight or the slightly curved brow. I was told that the straight brow would give you a more innocent look compared to the curved one which would give a more bolder look.

Later on, when decisions have been made, the beautician will outline the shape of the brow as he/she will also do some trimming followed by a layer of numbing cream. You'll be left to rest and chill for approximately 30 minutes with the numbing cream before commencing with the treatment. 

Tadaa! Me and the outline of my brow while waiting for the numbing cream

Chilling and resting with numbing cream for approximately 30 minutes. This numbing cream that numbs your brow area to reduce any pain sensation felt during the process of embroidery. 

After 30 minutes, David began the embroidery using a blade dipped in ink to draw my brows. David uses the "stroking method" or other words, the 6D eyebrow embroidery method which gives it a more natural look to it. It was as if rainbow shaped line was drawn on it. 

You must also be wondering if it's painful especially when this involve blades! 

- Well, I do have pretty low threshold towards pain. However, I do not feel much pain during this embroidery but you'll feel something moving at your brow's region. I am very thankful of the numbing cream as it worked really well reducing the pain that I felt. Therefore, you don't have to be worried of the pain at all if you're planning to get your brows done! Yay!

In the middle of the process!

Here's a sneak peek of how it looks halfway through the embroidery. 

Tip #2
You'll expect to see some redness and itch after your embroidery and it's normal. Try to resist it and distract yourself away from the itch.

Yayy! And it's FINALLY DONE!

The next 2 weeks after your embroidery would be very crucial for your brows as it will affect Usually after the process, advices will be given in taking care of your brows for the next 2 weeks. I was advised to be careful during showers and while washing my face as to avoid my brows from coming in contact with water as this can affect the final outcome of it. In addition, I was also asked to apply some anti-inflammatory gel during these period of 2 weeks to avoid any infections.

Tip #3
Avoid your brows from coming in contact with any water during the first 2 weeks period after your embroidery treatment. For girls, if you're washing your hair, perhaps you'd want to consider getting it done in a saloon for the 2 weeks. For guys, it would be slightly easier as you'd only need to try to tip your head upwards and to wash your hair. 

Tip #4
Apply anti-inflamatory gel twice daily for the first 2 weeks after treatment. Once in the morning and another in the night before you go to sleep. 

Immediately after the embroidery, you'll expect to observe that your brow would be thicker and darker. Throughout the next 2 weeks, you'll realised that there will be some skin peeling from your brow and the colour will starts to fade off gradually. Expect to see the final outcome by the 3rd to 4th week after your treatment. 

I went for my touch-up session 1 and a half months later and here's the final outcome! 

Embroidery treatment usually comes with a touch-up session 1 - 2 months later depending on your skin type and condition. During the touch-up session, procedures are almost similar to the first but it's just that in this session, it'll be much quicker as the beautician will just "touch-up" which ever portion of it that have came off.

For more information,

Skin Pro Beauty House

88, Jalan Mutiara Barat 6, 
Taman Mutiara Barat, 
56000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 

Contact: +60 16-614 8878

Business hour : 10AM–7PM

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