Wednesday, 23 September 2015

FOOD: Tim Ho Wan @ Mid Valley Megamall

Tim Ho Wan which originated from Hong Kong, has always known to serve one of the BEST dim sum! Being awarded with the Michelin star title under their belt, Tim Ho Wan Malaysia are proud to present and share with their diners their new range of menu for the month of September and October 2015. 

 Tim Ho Wan Entrance located at ground floor @ Mid Valley Megamall

Brightly lit and modern setting of the place 

To those who prefer a private dining session for meeting or corporate events, you could also opt to reserve a table on the first floor with a minimum charge of RM50 per person or a table with a minimum charge of RM380 per table of 10 person.

Chef Tang Kam Lit & Chef Hew Wai Leong

Recently, I was honored to be able to attend a food review organised by Tim Ho Wan to sample their new Evening Special ( available from 5pm - 10pm) & Chef's Recommendations menu! As a Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong, it got me very excited to try out what they have up their sleeves this time round!

Let's start off with my favourite of that night!

 Freshly Baked Egg Tarts

Being one of chef's recommendation, these warm shortcrust pastries boast a buttery crust and silky centre. Freshly made daily, each crumbly mouthful is simply gratifying! With it's Michelin star status to keep up, Tim Ho Wan guarantees you a gastronomic dining experience at a conventionally affordable price.

To keep surprising its guests, Tim Ho Wan will introduce new and irresistible dishes throughout the year. Different chef recommendations menu will be available at the different outlets. These dishes are on rotation and patrons can try them at their preferred Tim Ho Wan outlet during different months.

 Cereal Chicken Nuggets

As sinful as it may seem, this dish invites you to indulge on the super crispy chicken outside and coated with oat. Perfect match dish to just eat it as it is! YUMMY!!! #Cheatdayeveryday

Salted Fried Fish Skin

Exclusively only available in TimHoWan 1Utama restaurant! A crispy and addictive appetizer that can be the snack to be enjoyed by everyone! You'll definitely crave for more right from the first bite!

Quail Egg Siew Mai

This unique siew mai is different from the usual siew mai we have at other places. This is topped with quail egg which simply gives it an extra taste and delicious to indulge in!

Steamed fish maw with prawn paste

For those who love fish maw, this could be the extra kick you've been searching for in your dim sum! Fish maw is steamed to perfection not being too raw nor too cooked. Texture was perfect with it being fresh and bouncy!


Evening Specials

Available from 5pm - 10pm

 Chicken soup with chinese Yam and wolfberry

A tasty, nutritious and fragrant double boiled soup containing chicken feet, chicken, pork, wolfberries and red dates. An absolute bowl of goodness with so much nutrients in it! 

 Crispy Noodle with shredded  Pork

A simple yet flavourful bowl of noodle being served sepearately from it's sauce. Diners are required to pour the sauce over the crispy noodles before consumption. 

Crispy Noodle

Wantan Noodle Soup

The prawns contained in this wantans are to be highlighted as you can enjoy the taste of prawn in every bite! Freshly made noodles by the Chefs were bouncy and springy! 

Wanton Noodle ( Dry)

You could also opt for the dry verysion of the Wantan Noodle. 

Braised Pork Knuckle Noodle

Yang Zhou Fried Rice

The fried rice is one of the most popular dishes preferred by diners in TimHoWan. Served with whole prawns and lots of char siew bits and not forgetting the pork floss to top it off which bring this plate of fried rice to a whole new level!

Homemade Longan Drink

For a change, instead of having the typical chinese tea for your dim sum meal, try having this Homemade Longan Drink from TimHoWan which is made from "Black Longan" which is said to be sweeter compared to the normal longans. Boiled with "tai hoi lam", this cup of herbal drink will "cool" your body with its cooling properties.

Good news for Senior Citizens!!! You could dine-in at TimHoWan every Monday to Friday (3-6PM) and get yourself a 20% off the total bill!  

Tim Ho Wan Restaurant
G-27, Boulevard Office Ground Floor,
Mid Valley City

Tel: 03-2201 5081
Facebook: TimHoWan Malaysia


  1. Finally you reviewed Tim Ho Wan. Little correction though, they aren't actually holding Michelin Star title, it's just that the restaurant was started by two chefs who previously were chefs in Michelin-starred restaurant. It is also worth mentioning in yoir review that the queue in their Hong Kong shop could be as long as four hours!

    1. Hahahahaha! Thanks for pointing out! Will definitely do the corrections!

    2. I think TimHoWan, Hong Kong branch was awarded with a Michelin star title which they are also know to be the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant. This title also made it easier for them to branch out all around Asia to share their specialty with us.

    3. Nope. If you check the official list of Michelin-starred restaurants, you won't be able to find Tim Ho Wan on that list.

    4. Eh bro, I can't seem to find the official list of Michelin-starred restaurants online but I've only manage to find this

      I guess the Hong Kong branches was awarded with Michelin-star. You were right about the 2 chefs working in a michelin starred restaurant previously 👍👍

    5. Yes, only the Hong Kong branches were awarded with Michelin Star.

  2. Walao, never knew got fish maw as a dim sum wei. Drooling now while reading your blog D:

  3. Yeap! It's their current chef recommendation which they change it every 2 months! Faster go and try it at TimHoWan, MV while they still have it! Reading food blogs are always a challenge during midnight! Hahahahahaha!


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