Saturday, 4 April 2015

Food: Caffeinated @ IOI Boulevard

 Entrance of Caffeinated

A "Puchong Kia" looking for a brand new place for your coffee fix? Look no further and head on to Caffeinated @ IOI Boulevard. 

Cafe founder, Tarick Tan ( a barista himself!) was inspired to open up this cafe of his because of his great interest in coffee. Located in the heart of Puchong, IOI Boulevard, this would be just the perfect meeting venue for gatherings with friends and family over a cuppa! 

Recently, I was invited to this place for a review. Check out my experience there that night!

 The comfy and spacious setting of the place
The comfy and spacious settings of the 'inside' of caffeinated. Just the perfect place to chill and hangout with your loved ones.


The beautifully decorated corners with some premium collections of coffee ( Bailey's Irish cream & Kahlua) and tea imported from Holland ( The Art of tea Collection)

First up, some DRINKS & Desserts for us to settle down.

Espresso Martini 
A perfect combination of alcohol and coffee consist of iced shaked Vodka, Kahlua & espresso. 

 Bailey's Tiramisu
One of my personal favourite! (MUST TRY!) A creation by Tarick Tan the founder, mixture of mascarpone cheese, fresh milk, bailey's and espresso. I love the milky texture in addition to it's perfect perfect blend. I can assure you that once you try it, you'll surely want more of it! It's that good! 

 Dark Chocolate float
An "android" looking drink, may I present to you the Dark Chocolate Float! As the name suggest, it uses dark chocolate as the base of the drink topped of with a scoop of kapiti ice cream, oreo biscuits and coffee beans. The "richness" of this drink is unbeatable! For those chocolate lovers out there, this is just the cuppa you're looking for!  

 MOFO Deluxe Chocolate

If you prefer a hot drink for that day, try their MOFO Deluxe chocolate. For non-coffee drinkers, this cup of perfection is made using 100% Belgium chocolate.

 Orange Black
A combination of espresso with orange juice.

Using the best quality ice-cream, the Pohutukawa honey kapiti ice cream served with a cup of espresso. The espresso and the ice cream compliments each other so well. The bitterness of the espresso was just right without overpowering the ice cream!

Next up, we were served with FOOD!!

 Big Breakfast
A plate of goodness to start of your day! Consist of  slices of muesli toast, generous amount of scrambled egg, chicken sausage, hams and a garden of salad in the center!

 Mushroom Pizza
One of the All-time favorites because of it's unique BBQ based sauce topped with generous amount of shitake, sliced button mushrooms, olives, capsicum, and mozarella cheese. However, do allow 20 minutes of waiting time for this thin-crust pizza as the saying goes " Save the best for last" 

 German sausage Baguette
This wholemeal baguette was served with a german sausage stuffed in between topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, drizzle of wasabi mayo and of course not forgetting the potato fries to compliment. Besides german sausage, they also offer lamb leg, turkey ham, or smoked chicken for you!

 Carbonara with Mushroom 
Thick and creamy carbonara sauce with different types of mushrooms added to it namely shitake, shimeiji, and button. Those who loves carbonara pasta, this is just the plate for you! You can also opt to add more CHEESE if you like to add more 'kick' into your pasta. ( I did! shhhh). 

 Sharing platter - Under The Sea
A scrumptios platter that can be shared among 2-3 pax

Consist of  wide variety of seafoods ( as the name suggest) namely Dory fish fillet, squid, fresh prawns along side with a foot long german sausage, spicy french sausage, aglio-olio pasta, generous amount of french fries, cutted of sweet corn, tomato, and crunchy nachos for some extra kick to your platter.
It is also served with 3 different dips for you, consist of mayo, wasabi mayo, and lemon butter sauce.

 Mushroom with white sauce

One of the crowd's favorite! For those mushroom lovers, this is just perfect for you with generous of mushrooms in every bite! It's served with caffeinated muesli crunchy toast! I could eat this everyday if I could! Just so amazing!

C-GF-43, Ground Floor,
IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 5
Bandar Puchong Jaya,
47170 Puchong.

Daily: Weekdays ( 11AM - 12AM)
                               Saturday & Public holiday (9am - 12am) 
 Sunday (9AM - 4PM)

Tel : 03-8080 5882

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