Friday, 27 March 2015

Food: Yoshinoya Hanamaru @ Mid Valley Megamall, KL

Craving for some Udon but you have limited time during your rush hour? 

May I present to you the first branch of Yoshinoya Hanamaru! Both Yoshinoya and Hanamaru has a different meaning to itself serving different kind of Japanese cuisine as well.

Yoshinoya has been the oldest and largest restaurant chains of beef bowl with over 1800 outlets around the world. It was first founded by Mr.Eikichi Matsuda when he started selling Gyodon (Beef bowl in Japanese) at a small shop in Nihonbashi Fish Market in 1899.

Sainuki Udon Hanamaru is a fast food chain in Japan which also has outlets all around the globe.

Recently, my foodie friends and I was fortunate enough to be invited for the pre-launch of this restaurant. Check out my experience there that night!

The comfy, spacious, and clean setting of the restaurant suitable for just a quick meal or  friends and family gatherings.

What did I meant by 'fast food chain' ? 

At Yoshinoya Hanamaru, you'll get your food as soon as you order them. Your udons and rice bowl will be made freshly infront of you! Of course not forgetting it's very Affordable too! 

Self-service style at Hanamaru Udon.
            • Take a tray
            • Choose your Udon
            • Pick your favourite side dishes
            • Add on oden or rice ball to your meal
            • Pay at the cashier
            • Enjoy your meal :) 

Hanamaru Udon 

Hanamaru udon kitchen where fresh udons made before your eyes!    

 Various types of rice bowl served here!

Azuki & Cafe
Serve wide variety of smoothies, sodas, coffee and tea

Preparation of Udon made before your eyes

Some Udons that we had ordered that night.

Spicy Miso Udon 
I personally love this spicy bowl of Udon! The spicy miso paste compliments the broth very well. For those of you who likes to eat spicy, this is just the bowl you're looking for!

 Salad Udon
One of 'Chef's specialty' with generous amount of salad drizzled with flavourful sesame dressing! Those of you who prefer a "lighter" version of Udon, this might just be ideal bowl of udon for you! It's healthy too! :)  

 Ontama Bukake Udon

Beef Udon
Chewy Udon served with generous amount of fresh and tender beef with chopped spring onions to top this bowl of Perfection! Beef lover, this will surely give you the "Mouthgasm" you've been searching for! HAHA! 

Here are some Side-dishes for you to pick!

Some of the sides ranging from sweet potatoes, kakiage to chicken tempura for your pick!

Some odens and rice ball to compliment with your meal

Yoshinoya's Specialty

The Beef Bowl
Being Yoshinoya's specialty, it's served with premium Japanese rice topped with generous amount of 100% Imported Australian Beef!

This basically sums up our meal that night! 

It was a great and satisfying dinner! Thank you Yoshinoya Hanamaru for the invite! 

For more details,

Yoshinoya Hanamaru

Lot-T-15B, Level 3,
Mid Valley Megamall,
Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: 03-2201 8789

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