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FOOD: U Dessert @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong

Dessert is a MUST for some of us especially after dinner. In case you're looking for a place for dessert or just a place to hangout with your friends and family, think no more and head to U Dessert @ IOI Boulevard, Puchong! 

Recently, I've been invited for a review at this place located at the center of Puchong ( Just right opposite IOI mall). 'U Dessert' has been well known in the state of Johor and Penang and has now expand their business to Selangor with 2 outlets which is at SS2 and Puchong

 The entrance of U Dessert

In case you're wondering, 'U Dessert' simply means "Dessert for you". There are also tables and chairs outside for smokers

Spacious, cosy and comfortable settings of the restaurant

Good place to chill and relax while enjoying your dessert especially after a long day at work!

To your surprise, this dessert place does not only serve desserts, guess what, they serve main course too! In short, you can even opt to have your dinner here before your dessert! It's an 'all under one roof' concept!


GST Treats! 

Choose any meals from only RM7.90 onwards for a plate of fruits and an iced lemon tea
*with upgrade of RM1 - Soda drinks
                                                                   RM2 - Fresh fruit juice (orange, watermelon, 

Just in case you're wondering, this is not that GST you're thinking about. It stands for 'Great Saving Treats' here at U dessert! A pretty reasonable meal you can get I would say especially with the kick in of GST recently.

Here's the food that we had that night,

 Thai Grilled chicken with rice

Rice with raisin served with crispy golden fried chicken topped with Thai chilli sauce to give it's authenticity! This set comes with a fresh cut fruits and an iced lemon tea!

Black pepper chicken udon 

You can also opt for to have this black pepper udon ( as you can see from the promotion above) if you feel like having noodles or you are a black pepper lover! It also comes with a plate of cut fresh fruits and an iced lemon tea! 

 Grilled chicken

The grilled chicken is served with a choice of 3 sauces namely Italian mushroom sauce, Thai chilli sauce, and black pepper sauce. My favourite would be the black pepper as i like my grills to be dipped in black pepper at the same time not overwhelming the natural juicy taste of the well marinated chicken  

 BBQ chicken bun

Mango fish fillet bun

Here's some snacks worth trying for you! I personally loves the mango fish fillet as it has a very unique taste to it. It's a combination of sour and salty taste to it! Very interesting I would say. Give it a try when you're here and tell me about it! :) 

Here at U dessert, they boast about their dessert for having NO preservatives, LESS sugar and natural! So, for those "health conscious foodies", this is just the place you've been looking for! 

Some desserts that we had,

 Hor fun in Mango Sago Sweet Soup

A generous portion of mango served with 'hor fun'. In case you're wondering, those are not actually coconut strips as it's slightly softer compared to the actual coconut strips. However, this bowl is very personalized, it's either you love it or you dont. I personally like it better if the 'hor fun' was chewier! :)

 Ice cream & Pomelo in Durian Sago Sweet Soup (MUST TRY!)

To be honest, being a durian lover myself, I think U dessert had serve one of the best durian dessert in town! Consist of a scoop of vanilla ice cream, a generous serving of pomelo and not forgetting the scoop of 'real durian flesh' on top of their very own made durian sweet soup. If you're a durian lover just like me, this is a MUST TRY for you!

Mango pancake

Durian pancake

These fluffy boxes pancakes are just heavenly! Every bite you take, you are sure to have them melt in your mouth! There are 2 flavours for you to choose from namely mango and durian. In case you're trying both during your visit, I would recommend you to eat the mango first as the durian one would have a stronger taste in comparison.

Mango rice balls

 Ice blended Durian

Ice blended Mango

Last but not least, they also serve ice-blended! However, these ice-blendeds taste almost similar to the desserts i've mentioned above. Maybe this is good if you're in a hurry! HAHA! 

Finally, thank you U Dessert for hosting a session for us! Really love their durian desserts, will definitely be back again with my friends and family for more desserts here in the near future! Cheers!

U Desserts
G-19, Jalan Kenari 5, 
IOI Boulevard, Bandar Puchong Jaya, 
47170 Puchong, Selangor.

Tel : 03-80747332

Opening Hours:
Sun - Thurs 12 PM -12 AM
Fri-Sat 12 PM - 1 AM

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  1. Why must we pay at the counter since you are having service charge for 10%?


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