Sunday, 8 February 2015

Event: First anniversary of Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Scott Garden

'Palsaik' means 8 colours/flavours
'Samgyupsal' means thick, fatty slices of pork belly meat  

On the 5th of February 2015 , it was a memorable date for Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant Malaysia as they celebrated their first anniversary at their second branch in Scott Garden. I was fortunate enough to be invited as part of their guess together with other media & bloggers that night to try out their famous 8 different coloured/flavoured pork belly.

 Private and spacious long tables for you and your family and friends for gathering and celebrations!

Next, allow me to take you through what happened that night! Something unexpectedly happens too! 

Chils cider 
( A refreshing Korean soda drink which goes well with the heaty bbq meat. *Taste like 7-Up to me*)

Special non-stick alloy plates
(This special alloy will allow meats to be cooked in a super short time! If you dine here, if your meats starts to stick onto your plate, just inform the staffs there and they will change a new one for you! If you notice, this plate is actually slanted to one side towards the opening at the far end (not too clear in this picture). The reason for this is to minimize the oil content in your BBQ meats for a healthier meal!)

We were served with their Premium set ( RM 142 for 3-4 pax). Here are the foods for the night!

( Salad with special dressings which consist of soy sauce, vinegar, lemon juice, a small amount of alcohol, and a taste of wasabi!)

 Side dishes
( Some sides which goes well with the BBQ meats. As you can see, Korean foods usually have lots of green leafy vegetables. A good choice for those who wants to eat healthy!)

Spicy Seafood soup
( Spicy korean bean paste soup with various choice of fresh seafoods such as crabs, prawns, clams, muscles, and squid. Give the soup approximately 5-10 mins of waiting time for it to boil upon reaching your table, this will get the best of taste out of this pot of goodness!)

8 flavoured pork belly
( The MAIN dish of the night which is marinated in 8 different types of marinate/sauce. It ranges from ginseng, wine, pine needles, garlic, herb, curry, soy bean & hot pepper. My personal favourites is the pine needles sauce as it has a very strong aroma and it goes very well with the pork belly) "Belum cuba belum tau, Sudah cuba pasti mau lagi!"

Thick & juicy meats on the grill ready to be eaten!

Premium Kimchi
(These premium kimchi had been fermented for over 1 year under constant low temperature! It does taste differently (more sour) compared to the normal kimchi that we find in the supermarket. However, try grilling them, it taste way different compared to eating it just like that!)

Grilled Deodeok
( Deodeok is the roots of the 'mountain herbs' which only the Kings could consume this in the past. They serve this here too!)

We were also served with cheese stir fried rice after our meal. ( This does not comes together in the premium set).

Cheese stir-fried rice
( It consist of Stir fried rice, seaweed, chopped sesame leaves, fried fish egg, & not forgetting the generous amount of cheese on it! If you realise, this dish was done NOT on the grilling plate which was used to cook the meat earlier on. However, it was cooked using the pot of the spicy seafood soup earlier on. This is also a way of encouraging healthy eating! Less Oil!)

To end the night, they also had a session of lucky draw that night!

Lucky draw session!
( The MC of the night (In orange on the left) together with the CEO of Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant (on the right) )

The lucky winner
( Remember i mentioned previously that something unexpectedly happens? TADA! Here's your lucky winner of the night! Taking home a 32 inch SAMSUNG LED TV)

Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant

No. 2-15 & No.2-16, 
The Scott Garden,
289 Jalan Klang Lama,
Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03-7972 7283
Daily: 11.30 AM  -11.30 PM

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