Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Event: Coffee appreciation session @ Caffe Crema coffee & Tea, Plaza Mont Kiara

To my lovely readers, I would first like to apologize for not updating my blog for a while as i was away from the country for a mini-getaway! ( HINT: Will blog about it soon! So stay tune!) HAHA!

Anyway, recently I was fortunate enough to be invited for a coffee appreciation session with Caffe Crema. To be honest, I am no coffee expert but I do drink coffee occasionally. I have always been curious of how does a perfect cup of coffee is prepared be it an espresso, mocha, latte, cappuccino or anything that you can think of! Which explains why i attended this coffee appreciation session :) 

I feel like an expert in coffee after receiving a 3 hours crash course all about coffee at Caffe Crema Coffee & Tea (Macam yes! HAHA!). Oh! Before i continue on sharing my experience here at this coffee appreciation session, Caffe Crema actually collaborates with the famous hair saloon Number 76! This simply means that you can actually get your hair done while sipping on your perfect cup of coffee here! To boyfriends/husbands, it will be a great place for you to hangout while waiting for your girlfriend/wife to get their hair done! A pretty interesting concept that I've never heard of in Malaysia. 

'Caffe' means cafe in italian, 
'Crema' means the golden brownish layer on the coffee.

"Motivation" to wake up early in the morning! HAHA! 

Customers of Caffe Crema enjoying the cozy and comfortable environment while sipping away their cup of coffee!

Antique coffee bean grinder as part of the decorations as the theme here is 'Back to basic'

In the midst of the event, we had the opportunity to have a short chat with the man behind this cafe, Elvin who started off this idea of cafe simply because he likes drinking coffee and also his passion for coffee over many years! According to Elvin, coffee is similar to wine in terms of it's growth up till the storage phase of the process. Here, coffee and tea is their priorities over cakes and desserts. 
(Believe it or not! This cafe is opened to public right after only 2 and a half months after the deal is close!) 

Why do you choose Caffe Crema?

Here at Caffe Crema, an ideal/perfect cup of coffee differs from one to another. You can custom make your very own cup of Perfection! They also have very well trained coffee baristas from Australia. To those of you who prefer a rather mild but smooth typed of coffee, their very own Signature blend might be the right choice for you here! It consist of the finest beans from Brazil, Bali and Costa Rica. Prefer a strong with a little bit of dark chocolate taste to your coffee?  The Raven blend here is just the right cup for you! 

The baristas are all busy in making the perfect cup of coffee for their customers.

(Back to the session)

The session started off by allowing us to smell different kind of coffee beans and powder. Some has the burnt charcoal typed of smell whereas some has it's mild and comfortable aroma. It's always a good practice to grind your own coffee beans when you are about to drink it as this will give you it's best form of aroma and taste. On a side note, never keep your coffee in the refrigerator and it's best to be kept in a cool and dark environment.

Getting our hands on testing the size of the coffee powder. 
(Did you know the size of the coffee powder also plays a role in the extraction of the coffee?)

Later on, we also got to try different types of coffee from under extracted coffee beans to over-extracted coffee beans. An under extracted (below the ideal time) coffee bean will give a more sour and pungent taste. However, an over extracted (above the ideal time) coffee bean will give a more bitter taste. Therefore, a perfect cup of coffee have to be extracted at just the right time and should be a mixture of everything which consist of sourish and bitterness.

Getting my first handed tryout on coffee art! 

Lastly, we were served with different kinds of cakes and desserts together with their signature coffee.

Coffee with desserts after the session :)

 Homemade Blueberry cheesecake and Strawberry cheesecake! 

( From left to right) Durian cheesecake, Oreo cheesecake & Toblerone cheesecake.
A little SHOUT OUT for their Homemade durian cheesecake! Honestly, one of my favourite! 

Caffe Crema Coffee & Tea
E-01-02, Block E
Plaza Mont Kiara,
2 Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara.

Tel: 03-6206 22237
Daily: 8.00 AM - 8.00 PM

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