Monday, 16 October 2017

#Foodpost: FREE 2XXL CRABS @ YXX BBQ Buffet steamboat, Cheras Business Center

Recently while I was around Cheras area, my friends and I were craving for some BBQ/ Steamboat buffet as it was gloomy and starting to rain. We came across this eatery - YXX BBQ Buffet Steamboat located at Cheras Business Center. Steamboat certainly sound like a plan on a cold night and we head there without much consideration.

Upon arriving at the eatery, we were fortunate as we were just a lil ahead of the dinner crowd and we get to choose a nice table outdoor as we would prefer to BBQ our meats on our own.

The brightly lit surrounding, cozy and spacious of the premise

Check out their wide varieties of shell fishes/ cockles that they have here! One of the reason why we came here for our dinner also partly because of the good review it has online about how fresh the seafoods are here. Here's their facebook link as below that we checked out :) 

The prawns here are very fresh during my visit to this premise


Here's their BBQ sections, 

Different types of marination of the many types of meats here. I especially love their lamb and the one on the bottom right (in the picture above) - it's called "char siu" in chinese which translates into BBQ pork.

Some greens for the hot pot

While waiting for our food to be cooked, we started off with some of this freshly fried chicken wings. It's flavourful and fried to perfection.

They also serve fried baby crabs as snacks while waiting for your food to be cooked

Personally, I think that one of the key ingredient to steamboat will be no doubt its soup! YXX BBQ Buffet steamboat here also serve their in-famous "pomelo broth" - it's actually clear soup recipe with added pomelo skin as shown in picture above. It's said that the skin will make the broth sweeter and more fragrant. Apart from that, they have tomyam soup and their clear soup.

Clear and tomyam soup

The mini BBQ pit that we used to cook our food on :) 

One of the specialty that YXX BBQ Buffet steamboat boast about would be their "mini lobster" or in other words - Cray Fish. They serve and stock up their cray fishes on a daily basis to ensure its freshness. Be sure to try it when you drop by! In fact, this is one of the first steamboat eatery which has such fresh cray fish!

Apart from the soup, chilli dipping also plays a huge role in a steamboat meal! (especially to those chilli lovers like myself!). Here, at YXX BBQ Buffet steamboat, they have this specialty sambal chilli which goes well with the seafoods

For non chilli lovers, you can have the sweet, peanut sauce :) 

Dessert & drinks corner

My verdict - YXX BBQ Buffet steamboat @ Cheras Business Center offers a wide range of seafoods, noodles, and other ingredients. If you're looking for a BBQ/ Steamboat place with many different varieties of food, this would be the place for you! A great place for family and friends gathering to enjoy and chat!
What's even better?

Currently YXX BBQ Buffet Steamboat is running a promotion, you will be get 2 XXL size crab cooked in their very own sweet and sour sauce when you come visit in a group of 8 or more!

I personally love the freshness of the crab here! I particularly love the sauce here which has a great balance of sourness and sweetness in it without one overpowering the other. It also has a tinge of spicyness in it which gives the kick to it! Best to be eater with the "Man taus" served alongside to it.

Look at the size of the pincer!

Check out the pricing!

For more information, 

YXX BBQ Buffet Steamboat @ Cheras Business Center
No.50G,Block D,jalan 2/101C,
Cheras Business Centre,
56100 kuala lumpur
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Contact: 016-523 2132

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