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#Dailypost: Focus Point launches World Sight Day 2017

Focus Point Launches World Sight Day 2017

"Make Vision Count"

Focus point's Eye Care CSR Campaign Brings Out Latest & Age-related insights as Myopia Amidst School Children Rises 

Leading vision care group, Focus Point launched its World Sight Day 2017 with the tagline "Make Vision Count", a holistic CSR campaign aimed at advocating eye and vision care amidst rising vision impairment and eye problem incidences in the country.

"Make Vision Count" carries the message that preventable blindness or vision impairment can be prevented through providing public with proper education and useful information - "Knowledge is Power"

If you're wondering if you're straining your eye, do drop by at any experts nearby you!

World Sight Day (WSD) is a global initiative to raise awareness on preventable blindless and vision impairment. Little did I know, there's approximately 285 million people worldwide whom is living with low vision and blindness. In fact, 80% of all these cases are preventable! The statistics shown are very depressing as these can be cured if there's early detection of eye problem, treatment or surgery or even solved with just a pair of prescribed glasses.

According to President & CEO of Focus Point Holdings Berhad, Dato Liaw Choon Liang, WSD is a meaningful event for them as it synergizes with the Company's core values and business model of making people to see better. "This year marks our 6th year running the WSD event. We are excited and proud to be part of global effort in raising public awareness on the importance of vision care and eye health.

Dr Hoh Hon Bing ( Consultant Opthalmologist & Surgeon) shared the lastest eye health insights & age-related eye issues.

 One of the main concern right now would be the increase in a condition known as Myopia (Short-sightedness) which affects majority of school-aged children and is fast becoming a makor public issue of our time. In year 2010, over 28% of the world's populations were affected by myopia. This is expected to escalate to 34% by year 2020 and near to 50% by year 2050. 

Myopia should be a concern for all of us as high levels of myopia increases the risk of sight-threatening conditions such as Retinal detachment, myopic macular degeneration, cataract and glaucoma  at later stage of life.

The Creatif Academy of Art & Design was invited to help bring the theme "Making Vision Count" to life by creating a 3D eye sculpture to depict the realities of eye care. 

Last but not least, you too can make a difference! You can also post a picture and educate on the importance of our eyes and ways in taking care. Dont forget to include the hastags below!


Trying out of Focus Point shades

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