Thursday, 15 October 2015

FOOD: San Nae Deul Korean BBQ Buffet @ Nexus Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

 San Nae Deul Korean BBQ Buffet

The modern looking entrance

If you like korean food as much as I do or maybe more, try out this place located at
Level 1, Nexus Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur

You'll be greeted welcome by this Dessert bar as you walk into this Korean restaurant which has various types of desserts to wash your BBQ meats down after your satisfying meat-licious meal. San Nae Deul has a very special korean-ish set up to their decorations where patrons would feel like you are dining in Korea!

You can also have a reserved table for family and friends gathering in a private room with a table of 2 of the similar table (like in the picture)

A unique table set-up where patrons can opt to dine the Korean style but with a chair-like to support you back! Suitable for older patrons and now you dont have to worry of having a sore back after your meal! 

A Spacious and comfortable setting here at San Nae Deul also offers patrons to move around easily especially when it's self service and you need to make frequent trips to the buffet spread for your food!

Next, let me indulge you through some of the food they serve here. Beware!!! Not to read on if you're feeling hungry! 

 The Healthy Bar ( at least what I call it!)

This would be the corner for those on diet and those on a "clean eating" diet. Oh wells, you will not probably end up here if you're on such diet! (HAHA!)

 Fried Crab Meat

(Korean style sushi)


As sides, they do serve various types of sides here but I especially likes their kimchi a lot! Here at San Nae Deul, they serve the sour kimchi and the fresh kimchi. 

 Sam Gyup Sal
(Pork Belly)

A MUST TRY! Whenever you're at a Korean BBQ! The pork belly served here are thick and not thinly sliced which makes it really tender and delicious after cooking. However, try to pick/choose those with not so much fats on it, apart from health issues, the fats will also make your meat chewy which I personally dont quite like it.

 Mok Sal
(Pork Neck)

Here's our choice of meat being cooked! Here at San Nae Deul, they encourage hygiene and health by using a layer of paper to line before you actually cook your meat on. You can request for a change of the paper once it is dirty.

Korean Chilli Paste

Compliments well especially when you mixed a little into your lettuce wrap!

 Dessert Bar

 Ice cream maker

You can opt for either vanilla or chocolate ice cream as your dessert.

Fruit platter

Choices varies from watermelon, honeydew and Pineapple


San Nae Deul BBQ Buffet Special Promotion:

                 Lunch (ONLY pre-cooked items) 

RM25 (Adult)

RM10 (Children)

Dinner (BOTH pre-cooked & Grilled items)
RM40 (Adult)

San Nae Deul offers a great place for friends and family gatherings especially when they love Korean food like a lot of them! With this affordable price for a Korean Buffet, I would personally think that it's definitely worth it with the choices of food that they serve! Now, you can worry no more and eat till your heart content!

For more information, 

San Nae Deul Korean BBQ
Level 1, Nexus Bangsar South,
Jalan Kerinchi

Phone: 016-290 0109

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