Wednesday, 7 October 2015

EVENT: Understanding What Your Feet Needs by MyORTHO



Our feet has always been neglected over the years! Our attention has always been focusing on having flawless skin on our face, having a well-build / toned body especially the younger generations. 


Little did we realize, our feet is our Foundation! Any postural foot abnormalities could have an effect further up the body, altering posture and walking style. A great example to this are like a poor house foundations, foot abnormalities can have an effect on the knee, hip and back pain.

Severity of flat foot and type of feet problems

The greatest rising concern among us Malaysians are the surprise number of increasing in number (about 80%) of population that have Flat Feet. Having a flat feet means that the allignment of your body are deviated from the Normal posture. In time, this could lead to knee and hip pain.

MyORTHO provides biomechanical assessment to evaluate your balance, allignment of your feet, your walking pattern, muscle strength and range of motion of your feet. From the result, they would be able to prescribe a Custom Made Orthotics ( in soles) to fix and correct your feet problems.

Besides, orthotics does not only help in flat foot problems, If you're suffering from other feet problems such as bunions, heel pain, in-toeing, out-toeing,  or callus formation, you could also consider having your feet assessed.

MyORTHO provides you customized Orthotics which are generally better compared to those you can find over the counter as those over the counters may or may not suit you depending on your severity of your feet problems. It is always important to take good care of our feet as without it, we will not be so convenient anymore!

Here's some tips for you on how to pick the right shoes!

Step 1 :Identify the activities that you will be engaged in while wearing your shoes. 

Step 2: Try to look for shoes that offer sufficient arch support as it is a very important shock absorber and ensure balance to our body.

Step 3: Have your feet properly measured for shoes to fit correctly. 

Step 4Consider the heel height of your shoes carefully. High heels are often thought to make ladies look more graceful, however, this is accomplished at the expense of comfort or even the health of her feet. 

Step 5: Make sure you can wiggle your toes while you wear your shoes to ensure you have sufficient space

For more information,

Please visit their website at MyORTHO

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