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FOOD: Ramen Kanbe @ Empire Damansara

From the "Land Of The Rising Sun", Ramen Kanbe has expanded their business to Malaysia at Empire Damansara! 

They originate from the city known as 'Kobe'. I'm pretty sure this will remind you of the famous Kobe Beef. With it's first outlet in Malaysia, they boast about their authentic distinctive flavour mainly due to the special soy sauce ( or more commonly known as 'shoyu' in Japanese) that they use in making the perfect bowl of ramen just for you!

 Modern and spacious looking setting of the place

To those who aren't familiar of this place (someone like me!) this might help you locate the place easier as I got lost the very first time I was there ( HAHA! SILLY ME!). Lookout for this banner which directs you into the small tunnel there ( in the picture) to get yourself to Ramen Kanbe.

You might be already curious with what do they serve there. Read on to check out what they have!

 Charsiu Ramen (RM 21) (MUST TRY!!!)

(Japanese Barbecue pork Ramen)

Being Kanbe Ramen's signature dish, this bowl of goodness is served with slices Japanese barbecue pork, chopped scallions, bean sprout and a generous amount of black fungus for the extra bites! Not forgetting the noodles here are made fresh daily too!

To those wanting to try some authentic and original Ramen, this might just be the bowl for you!


The broth is made from boiling chickens, garlic, onions, spring onions, and carrot for hours. These ingredients sweetness or 'umami' can definitely be tasted! Besides the Ramen itself being the key ingredient, up next would be the flavor of the broth would be equally as important for a good bowl of Ramen. 

 Reimen (RM21)

(Cold Ramen)

Served with a little wasabi for some extra kick!

For those looking for some twist to your bowl of ramen, this might just be it! Reimen is served cold which i think it's pretty interesting and unique. I personally find it slightly light compared to the "conventional" ramen which is served hot. 

 Spicy Ramen (RM21)

Topped with a generous amount of minced pork, some chopped garlic and chives. This may look spicy however as a Malaysian, I pretty sure you can handle it. To be honest, it does not taste as spicy as it seems to be :) 

 Torisoboro Rice ( RM10)

A simple Japanese steamed rice topped with spicy mixed minced chicken and pork meat. However, I personally feels that it's slightly dry. It might be better if there was a tad bit more gravy to it.

                               Fried Rice (RM12) (MUST TRY!!!)

Well, this fried rice is definitely one of the MUST TRY dishes at Ramen Kanbe

A very flavourful with sufficient 'wok hei' plate of goodness! Here, the Japanese rice is imported from Vietnam which has a better quality almost similar to the 'sushi rice'. It comes in 2 different portion size! ( Refer to picture below)

 Mini Fried Rice (RM9)

 Karaage (RM10)

De-boned chicken marinated overnight in their very own special sauce which makes it so flavourful and tasty up till the last bite! This version of Karaage may look slightly darker than others simply because Ramen Kanbe's special shoyu is added in during the marinating process.

Otsumami Charsiu (RM10) 

The perfect snack that compliments your bottle of beer!

Gyoza (RM10)


Last but not least, Ramen Kanbe will be having a promotion from 

25th June - 1st July 2015!!!

where they'll be a 50% discount to ALL ITEMS!!      
(Except alcohol) 

You read that right! ALL ITEMS ranging from Ramen to Side dishes!

So, wait no more and head over to Ramen Kanbe during that period! You might also want to reach early to secure a place to beat the crowd!

Ramen Kanbe

G28, Block Empire Retail, 
Empire Damansara No.2, 
Jalan PJU 8,47820, 
PJ, Selangor

For more information, please call:

Tel : 016-202-5812

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