Tuesday, 22 May 2018

#Foodpost: Thai Buffet for Ramadan @ Aroi Dee Restaurant, Palm Garden Hotel Putrajaya

Thai Buffet for Break of Fast

This year, Palm Garden Hotel is not presenting one, but two delicious choices to break fast during the coming Ramadan. The first choice is the all-time favourite buffet at Palms Cafe themed "RAMADAN KAMPUNGLICIOUS" which is available from 17 May until 13 June 2018. However for this year, we also introduce the Thai Buffet at Aroi Dee Restaurant to atempt your tastebuds which is available from 18th May until 13 June 2018.

Buffet at Palms Cafe: 17th May - 13 June 2018
Buffet at Aroi Dee Restaurant: 18th May - 13th June 2018

Pricing is as follow: 
Adult: RM68 nett
Child: RM40 nett

*Early birds wristbands are also available for sale until the 17th May 2018 to enjoy rates at only RM58 nett per adult and RM34 nett per child.

This Thai Buffet at Aroi Dee will definitely whet your appetite for break fast. For appetizers, there are the popular Thai Som Tam, pandan chicken and pak nam prik kapi to name a few.

With a simple but captivating menu, Chef Seeri and Randy excites the tastebuds with daily Thai soups such as Clear Prawn Tom Yam and follows on with main dishes such as Saute Prawns with Tamarind sauce, stir fried beef in green curry, stir fried lala with fresh chili and basil leaves, Thai fried rice and more.

For dessert, there are puer joy with water chestnut in coconut cream, bualoy, varieties of Thai desserts and more!

Also, if you're looking to organize or host a private Ramadan Buffet as well as Hari Raya Celebrations, you can call "+60389432233" for more information!

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