Wednesday, 29 November 2017

#Foodpost: Tony Romas - The perfect Platter for Sharing!

The perfect platters for sharing!

Yes! You read that right! Tony Romas is NOW offering sharing platters for you to indulge in with the ones you love as the saying goes "Food tastes better when it's shared". A meal together with your friends and family helps to build and strengthens your relationships with them especially with the festive season is just around the corner, this would just be the perfect place to dine & gather.

What's even better is that this promotion will last the whole month of December 2017 until 7th January 2018!

Tony Romas is now offering 3 exciting platters! For those beef lovers, you can enjoy Tony's Beef Ribs platter (the 2 plates on the left in the picture above) that consist of World Famous Bountiful Beef Ribs - Roma Rack, 10oz, New York Strep and half BBQ CHicken for RM189.90

For Lamb aficionado, the Lamb Lover's Platter (the 2 plates on the right in the picture above) consists of Lamb noisettes served with Black pepper sauce, lamb cevapi, and half BBQ chicken at ONLY RM179.90

Besides, for seafood lovers, indulge in the Lobster & Friends Platter (the 2 plates in the middle in the picture above) which offers lobster, grilled blue hake fish, and shrimp scampi pasta for RM179.90

 Each platter comes with 3 x soups of the day & 3 sides of your choice

This is Tony's famous Bountiful Beef ribs! I personally love this a lot with its huge and gigantic portion! The BBQ sauce glazed on it gave the ribs a bit more "kick" to it and made it even better! Highly Recommended by me!

Huge lobster from the Lobster & Friends platter

Half BBQ Chicken

This juicy yet tender Lamb noisettes which I personally would recommend it to you readers! 

Lamb Cevapi aka "lamb sausage" which is is very uniquely packed with spices, meat were very well flavoured and marinated. WELL DONE! However, this lamb sausage has quite a strong "lamb smell", therefore, to those who's sensitive and not quite like the lamb smell, this wouln'd be the dish for you. 

Of course patrons can pair the platters with one of Tony Roma's Refreshing Mocktails consists of Zesty Apple, Sweet Cherry, Cranberry fizz, and Miami breeze at ONLY RM15.90 each. 
In a nutshell, if you're looking for a decent place for a gathering with your friends and family, Tony Roma's would be ideal especially with their recent launch of sharing platters! I'd personally recommend this place for their famous Bountiful Ribs! However, for those who prefer beef as an option, I would say that they fall short on that here. But hey! It's just my personaly opinion :)

Before I sign off, here's my personal rating,
Ambience: Good. Great for gathering and celebrations especially in groups
Food: 6/10 - Moderate
Service: 5/10 - Average
Pricing: Slightly above average - expect an approximate of RM50 - RM80 per person
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