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FOOD: Salad Plus @ Quizinn Foodcourt, NU Central Mall, Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Salad Plus.Co
Eat More Greens

In case you are around Brickfields, particularly NU Central and is looking for healthy eats? 

Do check out Salad Plus @ Quizinn Foodcourt, Nu Central Mall. Recently, I had an opportunity to check out this healthy eatery. Here at Salad plus, they offer to you varieties of nutritious, low-fat, low carbohydrates, healthy but tasty meals to its patrons. Perfect meal for those gym buffs that is on their "cutting-diet".

Located at the Quizinn Foodcourt, NU Central Mall

Healthy ingredients used for making your healthy yet tasty wraps, salads, and sandwiches. I particularly like the idea of allowing their patrons to know the amount of calories are ingested in each meal. It would be easier for patrons to take care of your calorie intake per day!

Fresh juices to go along with your healthy meal

High Energy Greek Delight 
(400 calories)

Served with tasty and flavourful grilled Aubergines, cherry tomatoes, lettuce, onions, cucumbers, black olives and feta cheese drizzled with a tinge of Greek dressing.  

 Spinach Chicken Salad
(550 calories)

Perfect combination of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, apples, cabbage, hard-boiled eggs, parmesan cheese, broccoli and crouton drizzled with caeser dressing. 

The chicken fillet is stuffed with spinach to make it a more healthy platter at the same time helping increase fiber intakes of patrons.

Healthy Banana Split
RM 7.30
(335 calories)

A great combination of sweet, sour & salty consisting of bananas, mango, grapes, green apples, mandarin oranges, raisins, and generous amount of crunchy nuts. Topped with homemade Greek yogurt in the center. Every ingredients compliments each and every one very well in this platter! 

 Thai salad with Chicken in a Spinack wrap
(720 calories)

 Japanese Miso Salad Crabstick & Tofu in spinash wrap
(600 calories)

Wraps here served in a neat and compact serving which is perfect for a quick bite for those on a rush and especially for those who is looking for food to continue their shopping spree! At the same time, wraps here are all < 700 calories!

Hot Peanut butter, Jam, Banana Wrap
RM 7.30
(430 calories)

This is one of my personal favourite here! Banana, peanut butter and chocolate has always been the perfect combination! I personally love the wraps served here at Salad Plus as it is all very flavourful, tasty and healthy! However, I think the portion size here is slightly small to my favor. However, this allow me to try other wraps too :) 

In case if you're here with a friend and he/she is not on a healthy or "cutting-diet", here's some dish where he/she can try!

Brown rice set choices

Brown rice steamed with vegetables served with rendang chicken

Special Homemade Yogurt Desserts
RM 5.20 each

For those of you who like yogurt, this should be the cuppa you've been looking for! Topped with some extra bites of granolas and chia seeds.

Last but not least, Salad Plus is a great place for those looking for some light bites to fill their stomach and keep them on-the-go. To those on "strict-diet" plans, this would also be the eatery you would want to visit as it allows you to keep track of the calorie intake and especially suitable to vegans.

For more information, 


Stall No. 7 Level 3
 Quizinn Foodcourt
NU Sentral Mall
201 Jalan Tun Sambathan
Brickfields Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 012 292 9707

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