Monday, 4 May 2015

FOOD: Slurp @ 3 Two Square, Petaling Jaya

Calling all AVENGERS FANS out there! In conjunction with the marvel movie - 'Avengers, Age of Ultron' released recently, you are cordially invited to SLURP Cafe at Dataran 3 Two Square! The "Avengers team" will be here welcoming patrons to join forces to defend the world against the mighty villain in the movie. HAHA!  

Why do I say so? Read on and you'll definitely understand why! :)


Recently, my foodie friends and I were invited for a 'makan' review at this iconic and attention grabbing place. 

Here's some Sneak Peak of the place for you,

 Interesting wall decor with Spiderman and The Hulk

A spacious yet comfy place suitable for family and friends to meet up and catch up on life or even a place to chill and relax after a hectic day!

Here's some of their very own collection ranging from Marvel superheroes, Japanese anime figures and many more cartoon characters!

Visiting this cafe will definitely brings you back some childhood memories to the time where you were growing up with your favourite superheroes and character be it Slam Dunk, Spiderman, Ultraman, or even Dragon ball Z! 

 Iron Man's Mask

This is the first cafe I have been to in Malaysia with such unique concept mainly for those who have interest in anime fans or marvel superheros. To add on to that, their food here is also good! Serving Japanese fusion "blended" with a some Malaysian taste to it suit it to our local taste buds. Not forgetting the prices are very reasonable too!


A unique japanese pancake consist of flour, egg batter mixed with onion, shredded cabbage. However, Slurp cafe have added a little 'Ooomph!' to this dish by adding some fresh seafood like squids, prawns, scallops and bacon drizzled on top with special Okonomi sauce and mayonnaise. I personally love this dish a lot! Everything blends and compliment so well. Definitely be back for this soon!

 The Best Chicken Salad Ever

As the name suggest, this is not just an ordinary chicken salad you find outside. Besides, marinated chicken breast, shredded carrots, lettuce, yellow capsicum,  half egg, *Surprisee!* there's also some Udon noodles 'hiding' underneath! To topped it off, it is also served with some Asian and roasted sesame dressing!

 Japanese Omurice (Black and White Jedi) - MUST TRY!

Confused with the name black and white jedi? 
This is actually the colour of the rice. Where patrons can choose between the black squid ink rice and the Mentaiko Guru rice. A popular dish here at Slurps Cafe topped with a blanket of fluffy beaten egg omelette and a fried chicken chop as add-on!

Wait for a moment, this is just not yet to this dish! Look at the following picture!


I personally prefer the Mentaiko Guru rice where it's cooked with a generous serving of mentaiko ( fish roe) which gives extra bites to it! 

 Maggi Murtabak

 Deep fried crispy wedges served as sides


As interesting as it looks, maggi murtabak is made from maggi curry instant noodles! The usual burger patty is now replaced by maggi noodles instead. To those instant noodles lovers, this might be the dish for you!  

 Sambal Pasta

A fusion mixed between the italian pasta with our local delicacy, sambal!

Served with stir fried pasta with sambal sauce, stir-fried in sambal sauce with crispy anchovies, hard boiled eggs, peanuts, sambal cockles, curry prawns and a few pieces of pan-fried chicken. Not forgetting also some papadum to add on to the local savoury!

After such a meal, there'll surely be a need for some desserts!

 Strawberry fountain

To those who loves strawberry, this would be the dessert for you! Made from strawberry sorbet, vanilla ice-cream, yoghurt ice cream, Japanese strawberries and also some blue berries too!

Mango blast

Combination of mango sorbet, vanillar ice-cream, yoghurt ice-cream, indian mangoes and blue berries too!

It was a very "interesting" yet unique dinner experience for my taste buds! Overall, I would say the food and environment here is rather good. I like particularly the Japanese Omurice and the Japanese pancake. Will definitely be back for more in the near future!

Last but not least, a special thanks to SLURPS Cafe for organising a foodie session for us and here's some promotion for you!

*Click here for a 20% discount on Omurice!

Slurp Cafe
No. C-16-01, Dataran 32 (3 Two Square)
No. 2, Jalan 19/1 
46300 Petaling Jaya 
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Phone: 03-7497 1367
Facebook: Slurps cafe

Operating Hours: 
8 AM – 1 AM (Tuesdays – Fridays)
9 AM – 1 AM (Saturdays – Sundays)
Closed On Mondays

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